6 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Organized

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A small space like a bathroom can get cluttered and messy very fast – especially when things don’t have a designated spot. A disorganized bathroom, however, only makes getting ready in the morning that much more difficult, not to mention unpleasant. The key to keeping a bathroom organized over time is to ensure that every bathroom item has a specific home. Here are seven ways to keep your bathroom organized.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Organized

  1. Organize Shower with a Shower Caddy. Products like shampoos, body washes and other bath products have a tendency to collect around the edges of the bathtub, making the area cluttered. Instead, get a shower caddy to keep all of these products in one area. Shower caddies will also free up a lot of space as they typically hang on the shower wall. They also make products easily accessible. Depending on your particular aesthetic, you can choose from chrome or stainless steel.
  2. Get a Vanity Organizer. A vanity organizer is a great way to store all of those products that you want easy access to on top of your bathroom sink in a very streamlined manner.
  3. Try a Hair Dryer Caddy. Hair tools, like brushes, hair dryers and curlers are often thrown under the bathroom sink cabinet, in a drawer or left on the countertop. A dryer caddy, however, simply presses on to the wall and stores these tools for you. This makes your bathroom free of clutter while making your hair tools easily accessible – this is particularly important in the morning when you don’t have a lot of time. It also stores up additional room elsewhere in the bathroom.
  4. Get a Shampoo and Soap Dispenser. It is easy for an outrageous number of shampoo and conditioner bottles to pile up in the shower and bath. To get rid of these half-used, bulky items, get yourself a shampoo and conditioner dispenser. This will free up space in your shower and make using these products very convenient with the simple press of a button. You will also save a lot money by not purchasing unnecessary shampoos and conditioners you don’t need because dispensers allow you to monitor the amount of product you have left. Not only that, but you will feel like you’re in a hotel! Dispensers are also great way to replace soap bottles around the sink and make your countertop clutter free. They are very hygienic, too.
  5. Amp up Your Storage with a Medicine Cabinet. If you don’t have one, a medicine cabinet is a great way to create more storage options for all of your products, creating a clutter-free space.
  6. Get a Toilet Caddy. A toilet caddy is a great way to store toilet paper. They are vertical, meaning you save a lot of space over simply having your toilet paper stored under the sink.

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