6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Walls

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The bathroom has always been seen as a purely functional space until recently. With homeowners across the country reconsidering their bathroom’s role within the house, and by upgrading the room, they are helping to expand the value of their home.

Bathroom Wall Upgrade

For those of you looking into taking on bathroom renovation projects this year, here are six ways to upgrade your bathroom walls!

1. Using Trim to Create Built-in Frames

Decorative trim can give a modern bathroom a classical touch. For example, you might consider using trims to frame a bathroom mirror, in order to draw the attention while creating a sense of seamless organization.

To complete project, you will need baseboard, caulking and painter’s tape.

2. Creating a Whiteboard Wall for Kids

You can inspire your children’s imagination with a whiteboard wall. A whiteboard space can easily be integrated into any home bathroom and is one of the most cost-effective and functional improvements. Kids can then use the new space to express their creativity while brushing their teeth or cleaning up before bedtime.

3. Installing Vanity Lights

Vanity lighting creates the ideal mood within a bathroom space. It’s designed to illuminate the vanity area to provide comfort during those early mornings when getting ready for work. Vanity lighting can also be used to decorate bathroom space and highlight cabinetry and other design elements.

4. Installing an Appliance Holder

With the amount of appliances, cleaning products and care items kept within the bathroom space, it’s important to take steps to de-clutter the area during renovations. Installing an appliance holder can help begin the de-cluttering work. Simple appliance holders can be used to safely hold hair dryers, razors, and curlers. This type of project requires only a few moments of installation time and can significantly help improve the bathroom storage space.

5. Integrating a Chrome Grab Bar

Chrome grab bars are a practical addition to bathroom spaces within the modern home, as they combine elegance with a commitment to safety. The leading grab bars are now designed to fit within a contemporary approach to bathroom design, and can be simply fitted to the wall outside the bath area within a few minutes.

By considering your bathroom wall space and its potential, you can ensure your bathroom offers functional and aesthetic value for the entire family. Speak with a local bathroom accessories expert to discuss your future renovation requirements.

6. Install Shower Dispensers

Regardless of how nicely the bathroom has been designed, it’s difficult to appreciate the design when the décor is cluttered with shampoo and body wash bottles. Install a shower dispenser to house all of your liquids to maintain a clean, modern look.

Adding a creative touch to your bathroom can make the difference between a place where you wash up and a part of your home. You can easily find inspiration from home magazines, websites like Houzz or Pinterest, or by browsing available bathroom accessories online.

A bathroom can be its own space much like a kitchen or bedroom, so customize it until it feels as much a part of your house as any other area!

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  • Mary says:

    I have the worst time trying to get my boys to brush their teeth for long enough. I put up a whiteboard in the bathroom and it worked like a charm!! They’re definitely in there for long enough and I don’t have to worry about trying to convince them to come up to brush their teeth. This is one cheap and easy idea that I would recommend to all moms.

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