6 Ways To Use Mirrors To Open Up Your Bathroom Space

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Most people would prefer to have additional space in their bathroom. While this can be accomplished through smart storage solutions, it is also important to open up the space visually to give the impression that your bathroom is actually larger. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with mirrors. Mirrors bounce light around and, in doing so, make a room seem both larger and brighter. The key, however, is to place mirrors strategically. Here are six ways to use mirrors to open up your bathroom.

Opening Up Your Bathroom With Mirrors

  1. Add a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet
    One of the easiest ways to add additional storage to your bathroom while also opening it up visually is with a mirrored medicine cabinet. This accomplishes two tasks at once and is great for those without a lot of extra wall space from which to hang mirrors. Visit our Better Living website to find beautiful, mirrored medicine cabinet as well as other products that can open up your bathroom.

  2. Place a Mirror Opposite A Bathroom Window
    If you have a window in your bathroom, one of the best locations to place a mirror is opposite to that window. The mirror will reflect the natural light and make the room appear brighter and larger in the process.

  3. Angle Mirrors to Create Depth
    Another way you can use mirrors in your bathroom is by angling two mirrors towards each other. This will create a focal point in your bathroom while creating additional depth.

  4. Create a Mock Window with Small, Square Mirrors
    For bathrooms without a window, you can use mirrors to accomplish the same effect. Simply take small, square mirrors and position them in a window-like shape.

  5. Install Mirrors in Wall Paneling
    Another option is to install mirrors in your wall paneling. Essentially, you are covering an entire wall with mirrors. Alternatively, you could simply add a floor-length mirror to your bathroom. Both options will not only make your bathroom appear much larger but will also add depth and a very zen-like, calming space.

  6. Turn A Long, Narrow Mirror on its Side
    Turning a long, narrow mirror (i.e a skinny mirror) on its side will instantly make any bathroom wall look longer.

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