7 Things All Skincare Fanatics Have In Their Bathroom

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Have you ever seen someone with crystal clear skin and wondered the secret to that person’s complexion? Well here are some of the essential products that all skincare fanatics have in their bathroom.

Skin Care Products

  1. Skin Cleanser

    This a basic must-have in your skincare arsenal. Your skin gets exposed to dirt, bacteria, chemicals and any number of pollutants that do damage to your skin. You must have a good skin cleanser to rid your skin of these things and give it back its natural look. That said, make sure to get one that doesn’t dry your skin too much.

  2. Moisturizer

    Moisturizer is essential for putting the oil back into your skin. You should use moisturizer in the daytime and nighttime for optimum results. A useful tip here is to use the same brand of moisturizer as with your cleanser so that there isn’t a mix of chemical ingredients that make your skin break out.

  3. Eye cream

    Eye cream may not be something that comes to mind, but it is a lot more important than you might think. When you are constantly wearing makeup you will also be using alot of makeup remover. This tends to dry out your skin quickly, especially around your eyes. Eye cream is a good way to put that moisture back into the skin around the eyes (and keeps you looking young!).

  4. Sonic Cleaning Brush

    The sonic cleaning brush is the skin equivalent to the electric toothbrush. It makes your facial cleanser ten times more effective and gives a much deeper clean. If you are going to spend time cleaning your face you might as well make the most of it (it also feels pretty good).

  5. Exfoliator

    Aging is an inevitable process, but the effects it has on your skin need not be. Dead skin builds up on your skin, so you need to exfoliate it at least once a week to slow the process down.

  6. Sunscreen

    Unless you live in a cave, you are going to be exposed to the sun. This is why sunscreen is not optional. You need to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Just dab some on the surface of your face before you head out.

  7. Serum

    Serum is the sidekick to moisturizer. It can target specific areas with much more potency. It is best to apply it at night before your skin cream.

So you’ve got the best products for your bathroom, but is your bathroom the best it can be? Maybe it needs some renovation or you’ve been meaning to change those mirrors (after all you want something that accurately reflects you). Get in touch with us to see how your bathroom can accommodate your skincare products.

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