8 Money Saving Ideas For The Bathroom

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The process of renovating or remodeling bathrooms can get quite expensive. If you aren’t careful, you could easily spend thousands of dollars on a relatively simple upgrade or enhancement.

Bathroom Money Saving Ideas

If you’re already putting money into upgrading your bathroom, there are other ways you can cut down in order to save money! Here are a few everyday tips and tricks to help you keep the cost of your washroom down.

  1. Purchase soap, toilet paper and other bathroom necessities in bulk, especially if you have enough storage to house it all. These are items that are guaranteed to be used, so although you’ll be spending more on the initial investment, you’ll be saving yourself tons in the long run! Bulk bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash can easily be stored in the bathroom with the use of a dispenser.
  2. If you’re renovating, purchase a low flow toilet and other eco-friendly bathroom fixtures to help save money on monthly bills. Your water and utility costs could be decreased by as much as 70 percent with these types of upgrades!
  3. Use your towels more than once. In order to prevent them from smelling or becoming mildewed, hang them up on a towel rack or over the shower rod, and as they dry, open windows or otherwise make sure there’s sufficient airflow in the bathroom. This will also prevent mold from growing around your shower fixtures.
  4. Use old toothbrushes for cleaning. They work well on grout and in tight spaces that you may not otherwise be capable of reaching!
  5. Use green cleaning products or create your own cleaning supplies for the bathroom. Vinegar, lemon juice and toothpaste are all strong cleaning agents, and can help you save money by reducing or alleviating the amount of cleaning supplies purchased.
  6. Purchase a low flow showerhead. High efficiency shower heads will cut back on the amount of water used while still producing the higher pressure that is desired by many.
  7. Make sure that the sink and all other fixtures in the bathroom don’t leak. A leak can cause for major water will increases, even if the leak seems minor.
  8. Create your own beauty products! By using online DIYs and tutorials, you can save money while creating organic products to use on your hair, skin and teeth.

Saving money is easy if you are willing to have a little patience and put forth some effort. By combining eco-friendly bathroom fixtures with organic products or purchasing bathroom necessities in bulk, you can save a tremendous amount of money throughout the course of a year. Be willing to make a few sacrifices and to cut back on the name brand products you usually purchase.

Low flow toilets, faucets and shower heads are perhaps the most important features to add to a bathroom if you are trying to save money. These creations are proven to be successful in cutting utility costs and help the environment at the same time!

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