8 Quick ways to spruce up your bathroom

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bathroom renovationsWe all know bathroom renovations can get quite expensive.  A seemingly minor change-up in tiles or a brand new vanity cabinet can sometimes run you thousands of dollars.  But there are ways to spruce up your bathroom on a budget.  Some minor adjustments can instantly transform your toilet pit-stop to a spa-like sanctuary.

A little paint will do ‘ya …

Sometimes, a simple coat of paint in a brand new colour is all it takes to revitalize your bathroom.  Take a look at some home decor magazines to see what hues are in fashion.  Bold purples, crisp whites and hazy blues are trendy right now.  Choose a paint that also includes primer, so you’re not forced to do double-duty.

Accessories add impact

A brand new shower curtain or decorative towel rod can spruce up your bathroom instantly.  If you’re working on a budget, try investing your money in a quality shower curtain and opt for a cheap (but chic!) towel rod instead.  You can make up for a discrepancy in quality by drawing one’s gaze to a luxurious new curtain, and away from the cheaper items.  

Trigger a spa-like atmosphere

Although many adults share a bathroom with the kids, there are small ways to turn this room into a sanctuary.  One way is to splurge on a posh, high-quality towel.  Store it away in a separate cabinet so only you have access to it.  And furnish a corner of your counterspace with some candles and incense.   A dimmer switch can be installed to create a soothing atmosphere.  Small, plug-in water features can also be added to imitate tranquil, river-like sounds.  

Update the hardware

You know those rusty knobs on your cabinets and those dirty handles on the drawers?  Those can be replaced separately, adding some instant visual impact.  Clear, glossy hardware can give you a clean, streamlined look — while heavier, intricate pieces in brass or nickel can give your cabinets an antique feel.   

Paint cabinet doors for easy enhancement

Consider painting your vanity and cabinets for a quick update in style.  Make sure the colours match whatever hues you’ve got on the walls.  If your walls are crisp white, consider painting the cabinets in a soft turquoise.  Meanwhile, shades of pale blue work well with foggy greys, instantly transforming your space into one of peace and serenity.  

Give walls some texture

Add architectural flair to an otherwise dull bathroom by adding some texture and rigidity to your walls.  Beaded panels are relatively cheap.  Check out your local home renovation store for panels in various designs.  These can be installed much more easily than individualized boards.  

Mirror, mirror on the wall …

If your walls allow for it, consider updating your bathroom with an over-sized mirror and quality frame.  Sometimes, bigger is better.  A fabulous mirror can give you the feeling of stepping into a high-end hotel bathroom.  It can also work as a focal point with which you can accessorize around it.  

Hit the flea market for vintage finds

Mirrors, vanities and even tubs can be found for cheap at flea markets and salvage yards.  You can re-vamp unique finds with a bit of paint and re-surfacing.  Your discoveries will inject the personal charm that you wouldn’t otherwise get from big-box home décor stores.   

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