8 Tips To Germ Proof Your Bathroom

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Good hygiene is conducive to good health and so taking precautions to make sure our surroundings are as germ-free as possible is a relatively easy way of helping us to stay well.

Germ Proofing Your Bathroom

One of the most bacteria-laden places in our homes is the bathroom. But there are ways we can make the environment less germ-friendly.

Here are a few tips on how to accomplish a more bacteria-free bathroom:

  1. Flush the toilet with the lid closed

    We may not realize it, but every time the toilet is flushed bacteria sprays into nearby areas. So, if someone is ill this can be a very big issue. Keeping the lid closed is just a good bathroom habit to develop.

  2. Use disposable gloves when cleaning

    This will not only protect your hands from chemicals, but also keep them safe from germs, especially when someone in your family is sick. When you’re done cleaning, simply toss the gloves in the trash.

  3. Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect

    Disinfectant wipes can be used for this job or create your own using household bleach. Make sure to clean all the faucets and door handles and the handle of the toilet. The more areas you can disinfect, the better.

  4. Replace old toothbrushes

    Replace them on a regular basis and keep them away from the toilet. It’s best to store toothbrushes in a cupboard.

  5. Wash your hands

    Wash them every time you use the bathroom and wash them frequently. Take time to wash them properly. Remove any jewelry and wash between fingers and around your wrist.

  6. Keep throw rugs and floors dry

    Mold and mildew love wet bathroom rugs. Once anyone has finished bathing or showering, simply lift the rug off the floor and hang it to dry. And keep them clean. Wash bathroom mats often. If you have carpeting in your bathroom, removing it and replacing it with tile would be healthier for everyone.

  7. Remember the shower curtain

    Opening your shower curtain after every shower will give it a chance to dry. Replace the shower liner every six months.

  8. Turn on the fan

    If you have a fan in your bathroom, turn it on when the bathroom is being used to bathe or shower. Germs love moisture and running a fan or opening a window will help dry things out.

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