A Parents’ Survival Guide To The Battles Over Jack and Jill Bathrooms

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Think of the shared Jack-and-Jill bathroom as a training ground for your kids to help them learn to get along in the world. In this little space, teens and tweens can learn to work out differences in schedules as well as standards in cleanliness. You may experience some shouting and slammed doors along the way, but that comes with the territory.

If your tweens’ or teens’ bedrooms have a shared bathroom, try some of these strategies to survive the ordeal.

Ground rules: When siblings share a bathroom, cleaning and scheduling showers are two key battleground areas. Parents can lay the foundation to peace by leading a discussion that sets expectations, and then guides them through creating an agreed-upon system. This should include a way to hold each other accountable. If one “skips” their turn cleaning the bathroom, for example, what are the consequences?

Locks: Accidental lockouts are the cause of many shared bathroom battles. Locks are needed for privacy, but with two entrances (each coming from a bedroom), it’s easy to forget to unlock the other door when you’re done using the bathroom. Parents, you can go either way with solving this. You can put up with shouts and door pounding while the kids gradually learn to be more considerate (and patient). Otherwise, electronic locks that activate when the light switches on is an efficient high-tech solution.

Essential features: If you’re remodeling or building, these features can make it even easier for two people to get ready at the same time.
Two sinks are a must-have in any Jack-and-Jill bathroom. Instead of one large countertop with two sinks, consider two small vanities flanked by shelving. That makes it even easier to define and organize their separate belongings.

Added privacy features, if budget and space allow, make the space more functional (and appealing when it’s time to resell the property). Think of things like a half wall for the shower, or even walling off the toilet into a smaller room.

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