All Better Living products make great gifts

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Better Living productsBetter Living products make awesome gifts. We know, we might be biased because we put a lot of work into them, but hear us out! Some reasons for giving Better Living products include:

1) They last

Better Living products are made with high-quality metal, acrylic, and wooden components to last a long time. They are gifts that keep on giving.

2) They save money in the long run

Because they’re so long-lasting, all Better Living products save money that would have been wasted buying and throwing out trashy ones. However, many Better Living products also save money in other ways! Our shower dispensers save hundreds of dollars a year in wasted soap and shampoo. Our Touchless dispensers for the kitchen or bathroom can save your friends thousands of dollars in opportunity costs, by preventing the spread of illness in their homes.

3) They make space instead of taking space

Newlyweds love getting good, long-lasting, high quality housewares as gifts. However, after ten years of getting long-lasting housewares gifts, most couples’ houses are totally filled. Most gifts also carry obligations: an obligation to make space for it and an obligation to get rid of it sometime down the road.

However, shower organization accessories do the opposite. By organizing your shower items, they free up a lot more space than they take.

4) They look great

Better Living products are designed with style in mind. Even if someone already has a shower basket or a caddy, a Better Living product will be a greatly appreciated upgrade.

5) They can match any bathroom

Getting someone an accessory that already matches the color scheme or style of their bathroom is a great way to say “I care.” It shows that you have put thought and effort into selecting their gift. Our accessories come in standard matching finishes: chrome for standard bathrooms, satinnickel for classic, luxurious bathrooms, and oil-rubbed bronze for minimalist, European bathrooms. We also offer a huge variety of matching accessories so that your gift can fit in perfectly with any bathroom.

6) They are easy to install

You definitely don’t want to give your friends a chore. Fortunately, none of our products are a chore to install! Most of our products require no tools to assemble or install. The others require just a few minutes with an Allen key or a screwdriver.

7) We offer friendly support

Even though our installation processes are as simple as possible, we still offer full support with all our products. Our friendly and experienced customer service representatives offer support for any product purchased from Better Living.

Better Living products are a great gift on any occasion. Pick up one for your next housewarming, wedding, birthday party, or holiday celebration!

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  • Shirly M says:

    If you are going to buy a gift for someone, make sure it’s something they will actually use. I have bought a few dispensers for my friends and they absolutely love them (plus I know they are getting used every day).

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