Annoying bathroom habits

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At some point or another, everyone in your household uses the bathroom. The more people who live in your home, the more you’ll have to deal with annoying and weird habits. From taking a shower to doing your hair to when nature calls, bathroom activities certainly offer a lot of opportunities for odd conduct. Here, we’ve listed some of the most annoying bathroom habits.

Not washing hands before leaving. Any time you use the restroom, you should wash your hands. But for some of us, that habit isn’t as ingrained in the mind. A 2015 study shows that 6 percent of people admit to not washing their hands before walking out of a public bathroom.

The controversial toilet seat issue. Among the top annoying habits of men in the bathroom, leaving the toilet seat up ranks second. As for the most annoying habits of women in the bathroom? No. 10 is putting the toilet seat back down. While this has to do with personal preference, it’s safe to say men and women will argue over the “right” way for generations to come.

Leaving the shampoo bottle empty. Few things are more frustrating in the bathroom than when you realize mid-shower that someone in your household used the last of the bottle of shampoo or conditioner. This problem can be solved with a see-through wall dispenser. That way, you’ll be able to see that you need more soap before you climb in rather than after you’re soaking wet.

Other annoying habits:

  • Eating while in the shower.
  • Not flushing before you leave.
  • Taking too long.
  • Failing to clean up the space afterward.
  • Leaving too many products/items on the counter.
  • Forgetting to replace the toilet paper roll.

While changing these old habits may be difficult, your search for solutions may not be futile. Find your bathroom solutions by browsing Better Living Products’ selection of dispensers, toilet caddies, bath and shower accessories, and more.

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