Bathroom Colour Trends for 2014

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How often does the colour treatment in a bathroom catch your eye? You might not realize it, but the colour scheme of your bathroom can leave quite the impression on visitors. Like a ruby red kitchen can encourage an appetite, the colour schemes of a bathroom can give off an impression of cleanliness, coziness, freshness, warmth and welcome. It’s all in the colour choice.

With the new year already underway, it’s time to turn our attention to the colour trends destined to make a splash in 2014.

  1. Lemon Yellow
  2. Lemon Yellow

    Fresh and vibrant, ‘Lemon Yellow’ will be the choice colour in 2014 for those looking to brighten up their living space. A bit daring, this shade of yellow is to be used with caution. Incorporating accent pieces in the form of tiles and wall sconces against a neutral backdrop is the safest use of this colour. But, for the truly adventurous a generous coat of yellow can be easily broken up with neutral colours like white and black.

  3. Rich Reds
  4. Rich Reds

    In the quest to add more colour to your home, rich shades of red will be your go-to option in 2014. Unlike any of the other colours on-trend for this year, these shades of red give off a sense of warmth and comfort. Balance out the brightness with earthy tones like brown and amber. To make the red stand out, add cream and other yellow-toned shades of white.

  5. Mint Green
  6. Mint GreenThe heart of this year’s colour trends lies with cooler, calming tones. ‘Mint Green’ for instance, will be used to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity in bathrooms everywhere.

  7. Bone White
  8. Bone WhiteWhite will forever be a mainstay in the bathroom world. Nothing beats the fresh, clean feeling of entering a spotless bathroom decked out in any shade of white. For 2014 however, the cooler tones of ‘Bone White’ are the favorite.

  9. Steel Blue
  10. Steel BlueSticking to the cooler end of the colour wheel, we have this shade of blue with grey overtones. The darker tone of this colour offers a sense of stability and comfort. Much like a cave carved from a rock face, visitors will feel protected and safe surrounded by this ashy colour.

    The bathroom colour trends for 2014 are all about finding the right mood.  For a warm, cozy feel, stick to the warmer end of the spectrum. For a more traditional approach, go for the more subdued blues and greens.

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