Bathroom Design Trends That Will Make A Splash In 2017

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There is a feeling that things will be moving in a more organic direction when it comes to bathroom design trends for 2017.

2017 Trends In Bathroom Design

Natural is a word we’ll be seeing a lot of. Combined with clean lines, bathrooms will have more flowing designs (natural elements brought into the home). A lot of plants are being introduced into light spaces and colours are reminiscent of nature as well – greens, browns, greys and muted shades. Lines are seamless; spaces are simple and uncluttered, yet cozy and elegant.

Pulling the design together with accessories

Having the right accessories to complement these designs will tie the theme together. Better Living has many products to give your bathroom a new lease on life. Since cleanliness is imperative to keeping your bathroom germ-free and sparkling, many people are now using squeegees after bathing and showering. In addition to being functional, homeowners will want accessories to reflect well with their design themes. The selection of squeegees offered by Better Living Products International are stylish as well as doing the job they were created to do – rid a shower/bath area of excess water. Not only will a squeegee prevent water spots, it will also stop mildew and mold from forming on shower walls and doors.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Chrome is a perfect addition to the fluid, modern lines to be seen in 2017 bathroom designs. And every bathroom needs mirrors. Our double-sided chrome vanity mirrors will help you to look your best as you’re getting ready for your day or evening. One side is magnified five times, so it’s perfect for applying makeup or for doing any grooming.

No room for mess

Since the word “mess” doesn’t gel with the clean, modernity of 2017 bathrooms, you will want to get rid of your old soap dishes and replace them with inventive trickle trays, offered by Better Living. These trays, which perfectly fit in with the 2017 natural colour schemes, come in white, orange and grey. Trickle trays direct water into a sink or tub to speed up drying. They help keep things fresh and free of slime or mold.

Give us a call to see these products and others that will give your bathroom new style appeal in 2017!

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