Bathroom Ideas Inspired From Nature

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Nearly every homeowner throughout history has strived to bring nature into their home. It’s natural for humans to love nature and feel drawn to elements that make them feel serene. With people increasingly becoming aware of the dwindling of Earth’s resources, they are now bringing in nature into their homes, especially since its design appeal are unique.

Nature Inspired Bathroom

If you like to unwind in the bath, then a nature inspired theme can help set the mood and get you in a relaxed state of mind. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve this:

1. Adding raw stones

Most bathrooms in modern homes feature nice furniture, lights, tiles, and other hardware, all of which are great, though they tend to make the bathroom look plain and boring. A simple solution to this is adding some natural elements, like raw stones, to change the overall appearance of the space.

There are numerous ways to add raw stones to your bathroom, including installing stone sinks and tubs, or using real stone tiles on your walls or floors.

2. Install a glass wall facing natural greenery

If your bathroom is positioned such that there is a beautiful garden on the other side of the wall, you should consider installing a run of floor-to-ceiling glazing, so you can enjoy the view right from your bath.

While this option obviously only appeals to a finite number of homes, an alternative solution would be to simply add an oversized photo or full-wall mural of scenic, natural surroundings.

3. Move your bathroom to the garden

If you’re not overlooked by neighbours, you can also install an independent bathroom garden to enjoy a nice shower in the open during summers. Many upscale homes and cottages like to install a bathtub in their traditional garden. You can have just the shower outside, or the entire bathroom – sink, bathtub, and vanity – positioned among the backyard flora.

4. Install an aquarium

It is an interesting concept to install an aquarium all round your bathroom walls, or on one of the walls, though it can be quite expensive. The Mimin Papa Café on Akashi Japan, for instance, spent $270,000 on installing an aquarium in the women’s restroom, just to create the impression of relieving yourself while swimming in the sea.

5. Install a waterfall

Consider taking a shower at an artificial waterfall that uses a standard switch to turn it on and off. Perhaps the best illustrations of this concept are the suites at the Peace Lodge in San Jose, Costa Rica. Their hotel bathrooms feature raw stone, plenty of flora, and a waterfall that can be turned on and off at the switch of a button.

Finally, if you’re looking to make a subtle change to your bathroom, you can add a wet moss mat to stand on when you get out of the tub or shower. Unlike the slippery wet moss on rock, the moss on a bath feels lush and comfy, and looks great.

3 Responses to Bathroom Ideas Inspired From Nature

  • John says:

    Raw stones can certainly add balance and natural comfort to the bathroom space. I’ve added several natural stone products to my home in recent months and I’ve found that they help create a great space for relaxation after work. Thank you for the additional information!

  • Alex says:

    I love the waterfall idea! I’ve always found waterfalls to be so peaceful and it’s a great way to bring in a semblance of nature into the home.

  • Sam says:

    Great ideas! I especially like the glass wall idea. It can help open up the space and allow for exceptional natural light within the bathroom area. I’m going to consider updating my bathroom in the coming months thanks to this inspiration.

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