Bathroom Makeovers that Inspire

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A change in season is always an inspiring time to refresh the look of your home. Unfortunately one of the areas left last on the décor to-do list is often one of the most used: The Bathroom!

If your ideas are running low on how you can revitalize your bathroom, here are a few makeovers that will help you come up with the perfect image to suit your home and your personal style!

50 Shades of Grey

One colour that has really hit the hue forefront is grey. It seems there’s a perfect shade for every room in your home that will leave it feeling modern and easy to accessorize.

Here are a few bathrooms that have made use of this diverse shade:

Tiles & Walls with Grey Shade

This bathroom is a collection of greys seen with the tile, walls, and cabinet. Each adds dimension and contrasts beautifully with the white tub, basin, and back splash.

Soft Grey Walls Luxury Bathroom

This spacious en suite gives a feeling of luxury with its soft grey walls, high-rise ceilings, and elegant elongated vanity.

Luxury Bathroom

The dark charcoal seen here provides a look of rich, modern, masculinity. The simple and clean lines create a hotel feel and the stunning light fixture adds increased luxury.

The Home Spa

Want the Zen feel of the perfect spa every day in your own home? Here are some designer do’s to get your looking spa-ctacular!

Home Spa

The rich neutral tones, stunning plank floors, and slate backsplash paired with the accent stones, orchid, and rolled towels make this room the most relaxing in your home!

Jewel-toned Tile Wall Bathroom

Invite tranquility into your home with a jewel-toned tile wall and unique basin. This home went the extra mile in bathroom décor by adding a beautiful statue that brings an artistic feel to the space!

Bathroom Textures

Looking to make your bathroom relaxing, fresh and invigorating? Try the combination of varied textures, compelling blues, and stunning white walls!

Creative Colour

Looking for a small room where you can experiment with design, play with colour, and display unique works of art? Check out some of these bold bathrooms!

Crystal Light Fixture

This powder room is playfully pink and caters to the girly girl in any woman. The creative tiled feature wall, vintage framed mirror, shag throw rug, stunning crystal light fixture, and fun canvas print all scream fabulous!

Small Bathroom Designs

This bathroom makes great use of a small space! Note how the majority of the room is done is white to refract light and make it appear larger, while the turquoise helps to lift the eye up and give the illusion of height by only starting half way up the wall. The corner vanity and compact shower add to the sleek design and functionality.

Luxury Bathroom Designs

This playful purple gives an otherwise common bathroom a dash of personality. The eclectic pairing of the over-sized frame mirror, the wood paneled tub and flower art are somehow united with the punchy purple!

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