Bathroom signs: Purposeful, humorous or inspiring decor for your bathroom

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Signs, signs, everywhere are signs — but not so much in residential bathrooms. It’s time to take a fresh approach when decorating bathrooms, and signs can be the perfect way to add personality and style without taking up precious space. Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Lavender Cottage - Laundry Room/Cloakroom

Vintage bathroom signs
For those who love the retro look, a sign with a vintage vibe is ideal. Worn wood, chipped paint and patina on metal are all features that add character to stunning vintage signs. Some fun examples include:

  • Vintage advertising signs from soap and toilet paper brands.
  • Powder room signage.
  • Bathhouse advertisements that state the cost of a bath.
  • Barbershop or signs denoting shaving services.
  • Female and male indication signs from commercial properties.
  • “Please wait to be seated” or “Please seat yourself” restaurant signs.
  • Bathroom signs in other languages, such as “La Toillette.”

Humorous bathroom signs
Looking to add a little chuckle to your morning routine? A humorous sign is an unexpected — yet delightful — bathroom decor addition. You can purchase a sign or take the DIY approach and make your own. Some smile-worthy phrases and ideas include:

  • Changing the toilet paper will not cause brain damage.
  • Please remain seated during the entire performance.
  • Players with short bats please stand closer to the plate.
  • You don’t need to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.
  • “Poop deck” nautical signs.
  • Save water — shower together.
  • Get naked!

Thoughtful bathroom signs
Add to the Zen of the bathroom environment by adding a sign with a thoughtful saying. In addition to signs, you can paint the words directly on the wall and then use an empty picture frame around it to create a sign look. Some popular options:

  • You are the bubbles to my bath.
  • Brilliant ideas can happen in the most unlikely places.
  • Signs that list bathroom rules.
  • “So I can kiss you anytime I want” movie quote.
  • Wash your worries away.
  • Happiness is a long hot bubble bath.
  • A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

What other signs do you think would be great in the bathroom? Please share your ideas!

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