Bathroom storage solutions to help you declutter

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Whether you live by yourself or in a multigenerational household, the bathroom can get crowded. From shampoo and conditioner to toothpaste and toothbrushes, your stuff needs an out-of-the-way space that is still easily accessible. Here are some bathroom storage solutions you can easily implement in your space today.

Get a medicine cabinet

Whether you don’t have much space or want certain items stored out of sight, a closed medicine cabinet is an ideal solution. This mirrored medicine cabinet does double duty. First, it offers a space where you can store medicine, makeup and other bathroom essentials. Second, the door features a vanity mirror.

Keep surfaces clean

There are few things more frustrating than realizing your wet bar of soap leaked all over the counter and onto your other bathroom products. You can ensure your soap doesn’t make a mess by adding a trickle tray. It’s great for quickly drying soap and sponges and directs water into the sink or bathtub so you aren’t left in a sticky situation. Choose from multiple colors to fit your bathroom’s style.

Organize with ease

If you have a counter or vanity in your bathroom, chances are it has plenty of products taking up space on it. Keep things tidy with a countertop organizer. Small and compact, this FLORA Vanity Organizer has multiple compartments of different sizes for a variety of bathroom essentials. Plus, because it’s not too big, it can sit on the counter or in a drawer.

Here are a few other bathroom storage ideas you can try:

  • Coordinate your bathroom products by color for a neat look.
  • Divide your drawers with separators or clear boxes to keep products in order.
  • Put your wall space to work and free up the counter by hanging cups to hold makeup brushes and toothbrushes.
  • Another solution is to go green by storing your brushes in old candle jars.
  • Use a selection of baskets to put colorful items (such as bubble bath or fancy soaps) on display.

Better Living has a vast assortment of tools and accessories for maximum bathroom organization. Peruse the selection of offerings today!

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