Bathroom Summer Cleaning Checklist

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The bathroom, like the kitchen, is one place that seems to get dirtier than the rest of the house. Now that summer is here, you can take that extra energy from the change in weather to tackle the problem areas in your bathrooms.

Extendable Squeegee

Having a checklist will help you power through the dirt and grime, which are one swipe away from being removed so that your bathrooms are guest ready for your next party.

Getting Clear Windows

Struggling with streaks and water marks from cleaning windows and mirrors is a common experience for everyone. How is it possible to clean these surfaces when the cleaning agent is actually leaving behind marks that are distracting to look at?

If you’ve ever walked by a retail store after hours, you may have observed an employee cleaning the glass, and it’s usually done using soapy water and a squeegee. The key to getting that streak-free clean is using a squeegee with a soft rubber edge, so forget about using rags or paper towels.

Cleaning the Walls

Even vertical surfaces can accumulate dirt, and it’s usually worse towards the bottom of the walls where they meet the floor. However, just because dust can cling to the wall doesn’t mean it’s stuck. Usually brushing it off will be enough to remove most dust, so take a soft-bristled broom or a dry rag and gently pass it along the wall. After you’ve removed the dry dirt, use a wet sponge for spot treatment on hardened stains.

Greasy fingerprints will a cleaning agent, but don’t rub too hard or you might damage the paint.

Don’t Forget the Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can be replaced, but homeowners should still care for them as though they’re not disposable. Shower curtains are like the other surfaces in the shower or bath in that the residual soap that doesn’t flow down the drain forms a sticky surface for dust and dirt to accumulate around. Removing grime from a curtain isn’t as tricky as tackling the walls of the shower since you can simply unhook the curtain from the rod.

Run the inner lining and the curtain through the washing machine, but clean them in separate loads than your clothes or other belongings. Just remember to remove clothing items with hardware such as zippers and buttons which can pierce through the plastic liner.

You can refinish your bathroom, upgrade all of your appliances and toiletries and set the stage for a completely luxurious bathroom, but if the room’s unkempt or dirty, your efforts will have been for nothing. Take these pieces of advice and keep the bathroom you’ve envisioned.

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  • Cynthia, Vaughan says:

    I’ve never thought to run my shower curtain through the washing machine, I always just use it until it gets pretty gross and then throw it out and buy a new one. This would really help me out because I hate wasting things but I also don’t like the look (or feel!) of a scuzzy shower curtain. I’m going to give this a try, I’ll let you know how it works out!

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