Bathroom Trends To Jump On In 2017

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and as the stresses of life increase, bathrooms are becoming more and more spa-like in an effort to promote relaxation.

Popular Bathroom Trends For 2017

Simplicity and minimalism are two catchwords that will apply to 2017 bathroom designs. Keeping this trend in mind, there is a move toward using natural materials such as stone, wood, granite and slate. And decor is in the same color palette – neutral and calming.

Subdued colours

White and gray will be donning bathroom walls in 2017. A white-black-gray combination allows for more freedom in bathroom accessories, with chrome and steel leading the way.

Better Living is the place to find the accessories that will fit in perfectly with modern, Zen-like bathroom designs. This look has no room for clutter. Better Living bath and shower organizers will make sure everything is in its place. Stainless steel, chrome and white finishes blend perfectly with the 2017 bathroom’s pristine palette. Better Living’s LINEA and Bath Boutique organizers particularly have a sleek, modern design.

Unique styling

With pared-down colors and textures come unconventional plumbing items. Bathtubs aren’t just rectangular anymore. Homeowners want to display their individual tastes in home decor, including in the bathroom. Tubs can be found in unusual shapes like trapezoid and egg shapes and in varied colors. Style is limited only by the size of the bathroom and budgetary considerations.

Sharp storage

Bathrooms that have the luxury of space needn’t use every bit of it in 2017. With the trend of “less is more” in 2017, spaces used for storage are smart, not necessarily numerous. It’s still smart to have an area for cabinetry that goes from floor to ceiling; however, stand-alone storage can add a modern flair to the space. For example, Better Living’s SETTE Double Towel Stand’s contemporary chrome-plated steel design will add function and flair to a corner nook. Not only will you have style, you’ll have dry towels as well!

User friendly

2017 will also come with more comfortable heights for toilets and sinks. They’re raised in order to be easier to use. Faucets that are side mounted are also gaining popularity. There is also an inclination toward curbless showers – a trend that has been popular in Europe for some time. These showers are easier to move around in, are easier to clean and make a bathroom look more spacious.They are also wonderful for older family members.

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