Beautiful Bathroom Accessories You Can Find Around Your Home

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Whether you’ve just completed a stunning bathroom renovation or are looking for some finishing touches to bring your bathroom to life, accessories are an affordable way to add personality and interest. If you are looking for some unique ideas to accessorize your bathroom, you might be surprised at some of the items you can find around the home.

Jars and Bottles

Most of us have some form of jars and bottles left over from the kitchen. Instead of tossing them out with the recycle bin, look for jars in interesting shapes and varying sizes. For jars that will act as a holder for taller items such as toothbrushes and cotton swabs, you can give them a lick of paint to add pops of colour. If you have many jars with smaller items, leaving them clear or transparent is great for being able to easily find things.

Choose a variety of shaped bottles such as oil and vinegar dispensers for mouthwash and then store the large unsightly plastic bottles under the counter until you need a refill.

Top shelf liquor or wine bottles complete with their labels also work well for mouthwash. They add a sense of whimsy or sophistication depending on the brand. Keep in mind you will have to treat the labels with some form of protection such as an acrylic spray, paraffin wax or epoxy.

Dishes and Glasses

Unexpected items such as pretty glasses or dishes work well for several bathroom items. Dishes are ideal for placing your jewelry or hairpins on before getting into the shower. Glasses work well for just about anything. Choose size appropriate glasses and dishes to suit the items you wish to store. Also, make sure you can fit your hand or fingers into the mouth of the glass so you can access the items when needed.

Hanging Vegetable Baskets

If counter space or storage is an issue, consider using pretty hanging vegetable baskets. They are affixed to the ceiling and can work well for a number of items, depending on the basket size. From hair dryers and curling irons, to face cloths and smaller towels you can have what you need at your fingertips while keeping things out of the way.

Planters & Urns

Finding a way to make a bathroom trash bin attractive is a definite challenge. You can look to some old household planters in the right size and shape for a unique idea that will serve well for this dirty job. Plastic planters can be spray painted to suit your colour scheme or use ceramic urns for a more sophisticated look. Large crock pots can work well in country-themed bathrooms.


Baskets are the ultimate storage solution for keeping things organized. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be repurposed from kitchen to bathroom easily. Taller baskets also make great trash bins.

Small Side Tables

If you have small tables you don’t need, these can work wonders for a number of bathroom uses. If they are sturdy, you can paint them and add a pillow top as a little stool. They can be used beside the shower to stack towels. They can also be placed beside the toilet to store toilet paper or magazines!

Wine Racks

No, this is not to store your wine for those relaxing tub soaks! Wine racks can work very well to store small hand towels. Just roll them up and slide them into the slots, it’s a look that’s both charming and very organized! These can also work well for curling irons, hair dryers, flattening irons, etc. as they are just about the same length as a wine bottle!

Towel and Robe Rack Ideas

Coat racks can be placed beside your tub or shower stall to keep robes, clothes or towels at easy reaching distance. They add charm especially if they are antique but do require a bit of floor space. If floor space is an issue, dressers that are not in use, or that have wonky drawers are a great resource. Just knock the door front off, mount it on the wall, and use the knob to hang towels. This is cute if you use a variety of different drawers and paint them in different colours. Old ladder-backed chairs can also work well, but they are better for storing towels than hanging them to dry due to overlap!

Cabinet pulls can be used on their own for towel holders. You can screw them directly into the wall by the sink and also along the wall, one for each family member. They don’t even have to be too fancy in design as they will be covered up by the towels! This also conserves space compared to a traditional towel bar, so it’s an ideal solution if wall space is limited.


Ladders are a great accessory and can be used for a number of purposes. First, they can be used for hanging towels. Another idea for a wider ranged ladder is to use the steps for shelving. Because ladders are narrow but tall, they offer tons of storage without taking up a lot of floor space. You can use an old ladder from the kids’ bunk beds, or an old wooden painter’s ladder still speckled with paint.

All of these ideas help to spark your imagination and offer many ways to repurpose common household items you no longer need which is also eco-friendly!

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