Beautiful Plants You Can Keep In Your Bathroom

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There are some plants that thrive in the humidity of a bathroom. Not only are they beautiful and bring the natural element into a space, but they’re healthy as well.

 Dressing Up Your Bathroom With Plants

Lighting comes into play when choosing bathroom plants. Some bathrooms don’t have windows and all plants need some light, so fluorescent bulbs are your best choice if you decide to pretty up your bathroom with plants.

Here are some lovely species that will bring your bathroom to life:


This plant doesn’t need much light at all and doesn’t really even need soil. It can be put into a planter with water and decorative pebbles or glass and will do very well if the water is changed every couple weeks. It grows fast and can be shaped nicely.

Aloe Vera

This resilient plant is almost impossible to kill, so even if you don’t have the greenest thumb, Aloe Vera would be great in your bathroom. It is also a wonderfully helpful plant, and the juice and gel are full of vitamins and health benefits. The gel is a soothing balm for burns, bug bites and dry skin. If you have a window, place it nearby. It doesn’t need much water to thrive.

Boston Fern

These attractive plants with long fronds and frills love the humidity and are native to rainforests. They love lots of indirect light and humidity. Soil should be moist but not overly wet. Other ferns to consider for the bathroom are: Bird’s Nest, Asparagus and Staghorn.


Did you know that English Ivy is used by NASA as one of its best plants for purifying air? It’s great for the bathroom because it will literally remove mold and other nasties from the air! They love being on ledges or in hanging baskets and enjoy moderate light. They adore lots of humidity, so will grow splendidly in a bathroom environment.

Peace Lily

With its stunning white blooms, the Peace Lily prefers low light with some indirect sunshine. It likes being misted every day and when thinking about shower organization, plan on locating it right next to a steamy shower. It’s another of NASA’s purity plants, helping to filter harmful chemicals from the air.

To note: When thinking about plants for bath and shower organization, be mindful of pets, especially cats. Some plants are toxic to them. Keep plants away from them or find out which ones won’t do them harm.

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