Best Bathroom Redesign Ideas of the Year

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There were some definite trends that emerged in the past year in the field of bathroom design. Here, we give an overview of some of the best designs that became hot this year. We believe that each of these designs will actually stand the test of time and be popular for years to come.

Bathroom Redesign Ideas

The Master Suite

Building out the Master Suite is all about making the bathroom, bedroom, and closets feel like one congruous space. When your bathroom is comprised of beautiful metal fixtures and a mineral tub and wash basin, you want to show off your bathroom rather than hide it away. You might even go so far as to eliminate the wall between your main bathroom area and bedroom, leaving only the toilet behind a closing door. The key to making this working is maintaining the same aesthetic between your bathroom area and bedroom itself.

The Stand-Alone Tub

A ‘heritage’ or Old-World feel was all the rage this year across both fashion and interior design. Nothing says old-world charm like a stand alone bath tub – particularly an antique model on four legs. Relaxing in a stand alone antique tub will feel special compared to the more common combination shower-bath.

The Sleek Minimalist

Minimalism continued to be a prominent theme this year in bathroom design. This aesthetic is all about clean lines and functionality. The minimalist look can work in a wide array of colours.

Wood Accents

Using wood accents in the bathroom will add a unique touch and contrast wonderfully with typical bathroom construction materials. A wood cupboard or wall can work well; you want to avoid installing wood in places that are ready to come into direct contact with water. It’s also recommended that you use hardwoods and an oil-based finish in order to maximize water resistance.

To create a bathroom design you’ll be most happy with, we recommend picking an overall theme or aesthetic as a starting point. From there, choose elements that fit with your theme. Also consider building your bathroom around one standout element. This ‘statement piece’ could be something like a stand-alone tub, dramatic floor or wall tile, or a solid marble or granite countertop.

When updating your home, don’t let your bathroom be an afterthought – use these ideas as inspiration to create your perfect bathroom!

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