Best options for storing shower accessories

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Tired of keeping all your shower products on the edge of the tub, or, even worse, on the bathroom counter? Want a better solution? Well, there are a lot of products to help you out there.

The two major categories of shower storage accessories are: accessories that permanently alter your shower, and accessories that do not.

Permanent-installation accessories

These are accessories for decisive folks who own their own homes. They are usually mounted to bathroom tile with screws, and can be difficult to remove without damaging the tiles.However, they have their benefits. The quality of the Chrome plated Brass Bath Boutique baskets is second to none and the finish is breath taking. You will feel like you’re entering an elegant shower in a high-end hotel each time you step into your very own shower!

AVIVA Dispenser II

Better Living also offers high quality wall-mounted bathroom organization solutions that are more semi-permanent. Shower Dispensers will last you a lifetime. They easily install without tools, using the included double-faced tape and waterproof silicone.Shower Dispensers are the most convenient and attractive option for holding shower liquids. These dispensers give you pre-measured amounts of shower liquids with a simple press of a button. After you use a dispenser, you will fall in love with it. Your shower experience will never be the same again. No more fumbling with bottles! The good news is that your dispenser can be removed from the wall and re-located to a new position or shower, should you decide to move, without any damage to your shower wall.

STORit Shower Basket

Other accessories include silicone-mounted corner baskets and wall mount shower caddies. These all look much nicer and more high-class than suction cup or hanging shower caddies.The silicone installation will ensure that your shower basket does not fall and wake you up in the middle of the night, like you may have experienced before with traditional suction cups! STORit shower baskets by Better Living offer the most innovative and reliable mounting method on the market, coupled by the quality and durability of stainless steel. Another neat feature about STORit is that most STORit products are interchangeable. Even though the brackets are secured in place, you can still move the accessories between brackets, or even swap them out for new larger baskets if storage starts becoming an issue. Like our shower dispensers, your STORit bracket can be easily removed from the wall and re-located without any damage to your surface!    

Other accessories

Twist N Lock+

However, things aren’t all bad for those renters who can’t renovate. Noticing that traditional suction cup accessories look a little cheap, Better Living has made it their mission to improve them. The Twist N Lock Plus product line by Better Living uses industrial-strength suction cups to create a strong wall mount. The decorative chrome suction caps are very attractive andlook just like permanent wall mounts, so you can get the look of permanence even in a rental apartment.

Of course, if you don’t mind having visibly temporary bathroom accessories, there is a whole world of other options. The most common are regular suction cups or products that simply mount with double sided tape. However, you can also get shower caddies that hang from your bathroom fixtures, or shower poles that stretch from your floor to ceiling.

Colour options

Most bathroom accessories are shiny chrome. However, you can also get accessories in satin silver or stainless steel. The advantage of satin is that it takes longer for water stains to show on them. If you hate cleaning, then do yourself a favor and choose a satin silver shower dispenser. The quality and finish of rust-resistant stainless steel is very sought after and a STORit basket will be a great addition to any shower.

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  • D. Trybus says:

    I give the STORit Shower basket two thumbs up. Of all the shower caddies I’ve bought, this one is by far the best. My soap bottles stay put and never fall over, which as you probably know is a real hassle when you’re trying to take a shower. I love that I can swap out the brackets too.

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