Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup

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Makeup is one of those things that we end up buying and tucking away for special occasions, only to find it months down the road, unused and forgotten about. At that point, it’s expired, no longer useable, and a big waste of money.

Organize Your Makeup

The best way to get the most out of your makeup is to keep it sorted and put it into plain sight so you’ll remember to use it. Here are some of the best ways to organize your makeup:

Get creative with magnets

Try attaching magnets to the back of your makeup containers so you can stick them to the inside of a cupboard door. You can purchase adhesive magnetic strips from most home hardware, convenience, or dollar stores to which you can stick to the back of the door. Makeup with magnets means you’ll be able to see everything you have with a simple glance, not to mention the amount of clutter it will eliminate!

If you don’t have cupboards in your bathroom but have counter space instead, you can jazz up this idea by making yourself a display using a mirror or an old picture frame. Remove the glass and frame a magnetized sheet so you can keep all of your makeup easily displayed within the frame.

Hang it up

A perfect way to set up your makeup without taking up any counter space is to hang it in baskets from the ceiling. This can be a really fun activity and you can decorate the baskets to match the decor of your bathroom perfectly.

Hang your brushes in one basket, your everyday staples in another, and your only-for-special-occasion highlights in a separate place so you know just where to look when you’re dressing to impress.

Divide and Conquer

Perhaps the simplest way to successfully organize your makeup collection is to purchase a divider for your countertop so you can separate brushes, blushes, and liners. They’re an extremely inexpensive option and a simple solution to your home makeup mess! If you can, avoid choosing an opaque divider as you’ll inevitably lose some small little thing at the bottom if you can’t see it. Keeping it clear will give it a clean look and functional purpose!

Pick a Home

When organizing any items in any room in your home, the best thing you can do is pick a home for your belongings and stick to it!

If you decide you’re going to put your makeup in a specific drawer, be sure to make a habit of always putting it in there. If you think your brushes work better in a separate location, avoid mixing them in with other beauty products.

Always return things to where you found them and before long you’ll have forgotten what it was like to have a disorganized makeup collection in the first place!

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