Better Living’s Signature Product Line, The Dispenser, Revolutionizes Bathroom Organization

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all liquid jugs togetherNobody likes a cluttered bathroom.  But with all the various soaps, loofahs, shampoo and other assorted toiletries necessitated by everyday life, it can be difficult to keep things consolidated and neat.  Better Living has solved many of these problems with a range of innovative bathroom accessories and solutions, including their signature line, The Dispenser.

Featured on Dispenser.com, Better Living provides a variety of dispensers for every imaginable use.  For the uneducated among us, a bathroom dispenser is a device designed to store a product (usually a liquid or gel).  Once triggered, the dispenser will dole out a perfectly measured portion of the product for a single, individual use.  Bathroom dispensers can be conveniently mounted within the shower or by the vanity, and used to store and distribute shampoo, conditioner, soap or lotion.

The Dispenser comes in a range of styles and functionalities to suit an array of users.  The Classic Dispenser offers an economic solution with up to four chambers to store different toiletries, while the sleek, modern Curve and Wave models evoke high-end spa elegance.  Hygiene fans will love the Touchless range, which offers a variety of wall mounted and counter top hands free solutions.

Better Living also offers spa shower liquids to be used with their bathroom dispensers, formulated with fragrant botanicals like rosemary, mint and lavender.  These luxurious products work seamlessly with The Dispenser products.

Bathroom dispensers not only reduce clutter and look attractive, but can save you money by eliminating waste.  By dispensing only the required amount of product, Better Living’s bathroom dispensers can reduce the amount of waste of often expensive bathroom and beauty products.

In addition to its bathroom dispensers, Better Living has designed a range of bathroom and shower organization solutions.  Attractive toilet caddies serve to both make toilet paper attractively accessible, and can also come with a magazine rack for additional bathroom storage.  Toilet caddies come in a variety of finishes, including Chrome, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze, to match any bathroom décor.

Better Living Products also offers a variety of bathroom shower caddies and organizers.  The Sure-Loc line is an innovative line of caddies specifically designed to store hair accessories, such as hair brushes, products or heat implements.  These caddies affix to any surface using industrial-strength suction, ensuring a damage-free installation. The STORit line of stainless steel shower baskets and caddies keep all sorts of shampoo bottles and bath accessories out of the way, but easily accessible in the shower and the GRiiPA line of shelves and hanging accessories features a trademarked technology which allows them to be mounted on difficult surfaces such as glass, mirrors and high-gloss tile.

Better Living bathroom dispensers, organizational products and shower liquids bring a little bit of the spa experience home with customers.  They blend simplicity, elegance, convenience and economy.  Better Living is highly regarded within its industry, as evidenced by the numerous awards they have received for their innovative products, which are featured in leading home and bath product retailers around the world.


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