Beyond clean: Simple shower upgrades that boost health and wellness

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Andy-Bathroom-Shower-Head[1]Wash, rinse, repeat. Has showering become a mundane part of your day? If so, it’s time to open your eyes to the many benefits a good warm shower can have on your health and wellness. With a few simple upgrades, you can maximize your shower’s potential and feel great every day.

Relieves tension – Do you hold stress in your neck and shoulders? Many people with sedentary jobs do. Just five to 10 minutes in a warm shower can help relax tension and ease anxiety so you can enjoy your day to the fullest. Upgrade your shower by adding a shower chair so you can safely sit, relax and feel the stress melt away in tense areas of the body.

Manage migraines – Headaches can literally be a pain in the neck, but for those who suffer from migraines, the pain can be debilitating. One way to treat migraines is with temperature therapy. Even the Mayo Clinic notes that warm showers can relax tense muscles, which can help at the onset of a migraine. Upgrade your shower head and enjoy a variety of settings so you can find just the right one to fight off that killer headache.

Cleans pores – Showering isn’t just about cleaning the outside of your body; the warm steam from a shower helps pores open so you can clean out toxins and irritants that your skin comes in contact with every day. A shower’s steam is a great way to improve your complexion, and for men, a warm steamy shower is the ideal place to shave. Add a fog-free shower mirror to your surroundings and you’ll get a close shave with less irritation.

Relieves cough/cold – Cold and flu season is quickly approaching, and your shower can provide effective, all-natural relief. The steam helps loosen mucus buildup so it’s easier to breathe while the warm water soothes achy muscles. Rub a few drops of eucalyptus oil on your chest or place some in a small bowl; the steam will infuse with the scent for extra relief.

From cutting tension to helping you feel better when ill, your shower is a great tool to help you feel your best each day. What other ways do you use your shower to benefit your health?

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