Breathe life into your guest bathroom during the summer months

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Has the warmer weather got you in a summer state of mind? Will you be hosting guests during the summer months in your home? Then it’s time to revive the guest bathroom to reflect the essence of the season. And good news – it’s easy to do than you think.

Likely your guest bathroom is out of sight, out of mind. You don’t give it much thought until guests are visiting. Start the season off right with some simple updates that take cues from Mother Nature and the summer months.

1. Swap artwork

Most people leave the same artwork in their guest bathrooms for years. Inject new life into the space by adding brighter artwork that instantly turns boring walls into beautiful focal points. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Simply visit the flea market or a discount home retailer for a few fun and affordable pieces.

2. Lighten the linens

It’s time to say goodbye to dark, heavy towels and other thick fabrics (or at least put them in storage). Replace them with fresh linens that not only make the bathroom feel new to guests, but present the opportunity to add fun colors or patterns. Bright yellow towels, a violet chevron rug or lime green washrags? Yes, please!

3. Embrace organic

It’s easy to add life to your bland guest bathroom with plants. Guests coming over for the weekend? Place a vase with locally sourced flowers on the countertop and they’re sure to feel special as the fresh smell greets them each morning. Guests staying longer? A fern or small succulent will thrive in the humid bathroom environment and add organic appeal.

4. Add summer-esque reading material

If your guests were staying at a quaint bed and breakfast, there’d surely be some reading material lying around. Add a fun touch of summer with a picture book featuring regional flowers, a fun travel book about must-see sights or a stash of magazines about the area’s highlights. Simply stash them in the toilet caddy for guests to discover at their leisure!


2 Responses to Breathe life into your guest bathroom during the summer months

  • Jane, Brampton says:

    I put some plants in my bathroom just to liven the place up a little bit and it was a great investment – they keep the air feeling fresh and the best thing is that I don’t really have to water them, cause the spray from the shower keeps them in good shape. Good for me, cause my schedule is all over the place and I always seem to forget about my plants!

  • Anna, Etobicoke says:

    I love the idea of switching up the art in the bathroom to make things look a bit fresher. I’ve always had the same décor in my bathroom and never really gave it much thought! This is a really good excuse to check out some local shops or antique fairs to get something really nice. Thanks for the idea, I love it!

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