Bring class to your cabin outhouse with these bathroom decor ideas

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While relaxing and quiet, cabin life also means living without some of the luxuries you’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Take indoor plumbing, for example. Many cabins, and even some country homes, have old-fashioned privies instead, which means people must go outdoors to use the restroom. This might not sound glamorous, but outhouses can actually be a stylish and well-developed accessory to your home. You just have to find the right decor.


Cabins are elegant, but in a rustic, simplistic way. Stick with this style to give your outhouse an old-fashioned appearance as well. To turn up the charm and design a privy you and your family will actually want to use, consider using white paint, an antique metal toilet paper holder and a pedestal sink.


In an outhouse, maintaining a fresh scent is essential. To keep your bathroom smelling great, and to enhance its rustic style, try placing scented pine cones in a basket or a scented broom against the wall. Another idea you could try is to fill a tin watering can with your favorite flowers and set it in the corner of your bathroom.


Fragrance is one important factor to consider, and lighting is another. If your privy has electricity, lighting shouldn’t be much of a problem. Simply find an antique fixture to maintain a vintage style. If your outhouse does not have electricity, however, consider placing battery-operated lanterns next to the door outside. It would also be a good idea to install outdoor lighting to illuminate your path to the bathroom.


Having an outhouse doesn’t mean you should forget about organization. In fact, organization is now more important than ever, since your bathroom probably isn’t equipped with a large vanity. Consider simple, effective solutions such as multi-compartment organizers to keep all of your essentials tidy.


Last but not least, add a few fun touches here and there to give your outhouse a hint of whimsy. For example, you can make “open” and “in use” signs to hang on the door. Use this opportunity to incorporate bright colors into the design, and consider carving out a crescent moon on the door or simply attaching one to it for an authentic look.


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