Bringing the Hotel Home: How to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a 5-Star Hotel

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When your home is nice enough to remind you of your favourite hotel, time spent in your own abode can be more like a stay-cation than simply lounging around on your time off. You don’t need a 5-star budget to achieve the desired effect — all you need is an eye for details.


Getting the right fabrics

If there’s a window in the bathroom, be prepared to ditch your blinds for more luxurious window dressings. Having a light fabric that covers the entire window complimented by rich, heavy fabrics draped to the side will give the illusion of luxury and expense, but can be achieved on a minimal budget.

In addition to the new curtains, getting the matching hardware is also important. Plush matching towels for the bathroom make the room seem neater and inviting, but monogramming is not necessary. Try a deep purple for your fabrics, matched with bright white walls and metallic silver or gold accents.

Remove the Clutter

Trinkets can make a bathroom seem cozier, however they’re not what you’d consider stylish. To compensate for the lack of knick-knacks, draw focus to other features of the bathroom.

Only necessary items should be stored on the countertop, but whenever possible use matching containers will make the bathroom more attractive. If you don’t like the idea of a matching soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, or other containers, you may use a silver or tin try to hold your products.

Work on the Lighting

Yellowish lighting in a bathroom can make the entire bathroom seem dingy, so consider installing lights that aren’t warmly coloured.

When installing new lighting, keep in mind the colour of your wall. Darker walls will require more light, whereas a naturally well lit room won’t require as much. Spot lighting not only makes the room seem more interesting, it can make your reflection more attractive as well.

Sleek Furniture Adds to the Ambiance

A narrow stool or a small wooden drawer can give you storage space for things that belong in the bathroom without having to resort to utilizing plastic storage. In addition to feeling like you have everything you need with you in the washroom, the furnishings can contribute to the theme of the washroom.

Spa Accessories

Budgeting for amenities is more about feeling pampered than it is about decorating the bathroom. Using shampoos with your favourite scents, creams that are smooth and luxurious, or delicately shaped soaps really enhances your experience. Keep your favourite products housed in units that help create that allure of luxury. Having a variety of products to choose from keeps it interesting for you, your family, or guests.

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