Can I use any shower liquid with my dispenser?

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Shower LiquidThe Short Answer

Yes, but you will want to use liquids that are designed for dispensers anyway.

The Long Answer

The pump mechanism of a shower dispenser is pretty versatile. It can work with liquids of any thickness, including normal shampoos and conditioners that you get from a bottle. However, you will get the best value from using dedicated shower fluids.

The Difference

The shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap that you find in supermarkets and drug stores may have been artificially thickened. There are two reasons for this. The first is that thick shower liquids are easier to your hold in one hand (while the other is holding the bottle). The second is that studies show people use more liquids than necessary if the liquids are thick. The vast majority of people use way more shampoo and conditioner than is needed, and actually damage their hair as a result.

Why Wave Shower Liquids are Different

Dispensers take care of the “hard to hold liquid in one hand problem” because you don’t need to hold the bottle.

However, more importantly, our Wave Shower Liquids are also marketed to upscale hotels. Hotel buyers look exactly for the active soaps, acids, and foaming agents that their customers need. Wave Shower Liquids are at a natural thickness, and are designed to be ideal for dispensing out of our pumps and held in the exact quantities that a person really needs.

This saves you a lot of money without changing the quality of your daily cleaning routine.

Using Shower Liquids, How Long will it take for a Dispenser to Pay for Itself?

The typical answer in the hotel business is 2-3 months. However, hotel showers are not used nearly as often as showers in a family home. Depending on your family’s size, using dispenser liquids will pay off the cost of your dispenser in under a month. Over the course of a year, it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Can I Buy High-Quality Shower Liquids?

Absolutely! We offer scented, pH balanced, deep-cleaning, high quality shower liquids at great prices.

What if my Household uses Several Types of Shampoo?

Not to worry! Most dispensers are designed to look great by themselves or in sets with any number of other dispensers. You can use dispenser shampoo in one, and bottle shampoo in another, while still giving your bathroom a nice hotel-style look.

The Short Answer Again

Dispenser liquids are much cheaper in the long run, but work just as well as bottled liquids. However, if you still really want to use bottled liquids, it won’t cause any problems with your dispenser.

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