How to choose the right vanity for your bathroom

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When choosing a vanity, these are a few questions to ask before you choose the new focal point of your bathroom.

Is it the right size?

Think about how traffic will move and flow around the new vanity. A too-large unit can create unwanted situations, such as drawers colliding with walls, doors and other bathroom fixtures. While you’re determining the perfect size, make sure doors and drawers in the room have enough clearance.

Any drastic changes in placement or design?  

Big changes to your bathroom layout will, of course, mean changes to your plumbing configurations. That will add significant costs to your remodeling budget. Even if you aren’t putting the vanity in a new space, changing up the style — from, say, a floor-mounted to a wall-mounted vanity — will result in making big adjustments to pipes and drains. Sticking with the old style of vanity is a sure way to save costs.

What style do you like?

Once you have an idea of what fits in your bathroom, it’s time to work out the details, from the countertop to the hardware. A granite countertop has a sleek, polished look, but ceramic tile can be a more affordable option that still looks great. Often, the body of the vanity is made of wood, so a little paint and new hardware can create a custom look that pops. As for the sink, vessel styles look modern and can add a dramatic focal point to the room. But if easy clean-up is a higher priority, a sink that integrates with the countertop might be more practical.

Does it have enough storage?

Think about what you and your family members need to have within reach while using the vanity. If you’re working with a small space with few storage nooks, you may need to add a few solutions. Mount some floating or open shelves to keep essentials like soaps, extra hand towels and toiletries organized and within reach. For example, if you don’t have room for a full-sized mirror, a wall-mounted valet mirror from Better Living can brighten and enlighten even a small corner. When you’re through, it can easily be tucked away.

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