Choosing The Right Wall Colour For Your Bathroom

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Bathroom Wall Colour

Your choice of wall colour is an important one, influencing the entire feel and tone of your bathroom. It can be an intimidating endeavor—you want to get it right, after all. With that in mind, here’s how to choose the right wall colour.

  • Choose A Colour Scheme First
    One of the biggest tips when choosing a wall colour is to choose a colour scheme first. In short, your choice of a bathroom wall colour is never just about choosing a bathroom wall colour; you also need to consider the colour of everything else in the bathroom. When it comes to choosing a colour scheme, choose one rich color, one neutral colour, and one accent colour. To do this, try using a colour wheel. A colour wheel is based on colour theory, which shows you which colours look best together.

    In general, 70% of the room should be in the lightest colour. 20% of the room should be in the second lightest colour while 10% should be in the richest or boldest colour. Once you have a colour scheme in mind, you are in a better position to be able to choose a wall colour.

  • Think About What Mood You’d Like For Your Bathroom
    Ultimately, there is no “right wall color” for your bathroom. In other words, there are no rules. In general, think about the mood you’d like for your bathroom—calm or energized, for example—and then pick the colours that, for you, bring about this mood. If you are drawn toward brighter colours, this is certainly a great option. In a bathroom, wall colour tends to become a border around cabinets anyway, making these elements of your bathroom pop.

  • Want Serenity? Mix Two Neutrals
    If you want your bathroom to be a place of serenity instead of energy, mixing two neutrals will accomplish that effect.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Go Dark
    Bathrooms tend to be small, which is why people tend to stay away from dark colours when painting them. The thought is that a dark-coloured room will make the room look even smaller. This is not the case. If you had a dark colour in mind for your bathroom walls, definitely go for it!

  • Consider the Rest of Your Home
    If you’re drawing a blank as to what colour to paint your bathroom wall, considering the rest of your home is a good option. Choose an accent colour elsewhere in your home and then paint your bathroom that colour. This will increase flow and create a very pleasing overall aesthetic in your home.

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