Colour Theory 101 and How It Can Help Your Bathroom

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Colour Theory 101 and How It Can Help Your BathroomWhen it comes to home décor, colour is more than just the tone of paint that gets slapped on the walls.  Colours have the power to trigger strong emotions in humans and can also be used to drastically change the atmosphere of any interior space.  A hue’s intensity can evoke a vast range of feelings, including passion, joy and even serenity.

That being said, it’s no wonder homeowners and interior decorators pour over endless colour samples when re-vamping a room.  After the bedroom, the bathroom is the second-most used space in a home.  Often times, you may find yourself retreating to the bathroom for a relaxing bath, or to seek luxury and peace after a hard day.

The basics of colour theory can help you achieve the perfect atmosphere in your bathroom.  Below is a list of colours that work well in this type of space.  Let colour theory be your guide when envisioning your perfect bathroom.


Blue is universally associated with serenity, tranquility and peace.  Research shows that blue can actually lower blood pressure, slow down heart rate and rest tired eyes.  That’s why this colour is often touted as a perfect hue for bathrooms.


The beauty of nature and the pursuit of harmony are depicted in the earthy effects of the colour green.  By painting your bathroom in the right shade, you’ll be able to capture the allure of the outdoors in the privacy of your own home. Richwood Toilet Caddies will compliment your earthy green walls with its rich browns resulting in a truly harmonious experience.

If painting the bathroom green is a risk you are not willing to take, add some outdoorsy-coloured accessories such as the lime trickle tray or the lime foam dispenser.


This colour can spawn two vastly different atmospheres depending on its shade.  A lighter pastel shade of purple often signifies wealth, prosperity and elegance.  Meanwhile, bright purples are associated with a bold, artistic creativity.  The latter is appropriate for children’s bathrooms, as kids love colours that spark ideas and adventurous thinking.  On the other hand, lavenders are perfect for creating an atmosphere of luxury and uncompromised sophistication.


Although many people believe that white is the absence of colour, the truth is quite the opposite.  White has the powerful ability to convey innocence, purity and old-world charm.  This colour is often used in bathrooms to evoke cleanliness and modernity.  White bathrooms are easy to decorate especially if you are looking for that spa-look and feel. Add some metallic accessories such as a wall dispenser or a toilet caddy and enjoy your personal spa right at home.

Orange and Yellow

Although these colours are not recommended for bathroom walls, orange and yellow work as great accent hues to brighten up any space.  Yellow guest towels or an orange Foam Dispenser can trigger whimsical feelings of happiness and remind you of sunny days.  Try adding small touches of colour to your bathroom before experimenting with bolder décor.

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