Comparing our Different Lines of Toilet Caddies

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54544_Toilet_Caddy_Chrome_left_webBetter Living prides itself on specializing on bathroom organization and inventing neat & convenient solutions to make your life a little easier. Our selection is second to none. For toilet caddies alone, we now offer seven different product lines! Here are some things to think about to help you select the right one:

Functionality versus style:

Toilet caddies can have four main functions: dispensing an in-use roll of toilet paper, dispensing an extra in-use roll, holding a stack of extra rolls, and holding reading material.  Each of these functions adds to the price and size of the toilet caddy.  Each function will also change the general style of the caddy.

Many modern bathrooms may already have a wall-mounted toilet tissue dispenser.  So, unless you are planning to take this out as part of renovations, your only toilet caddy needs will be holding extra toilet paper and reading material.  If you already have a place for your reading material, you will probably only need a toilet caddy to hold extra rolls.  If this is your situation, we recommend the affordable and stylish, space-saving Wave tissue roll holder.

If you need an extra toilet paper rolls holder and some space for reading material, we recommend the original Toilet Caddy.  This includes a convenient toilet paper dispenser and is compact and sleek enough so it won’t clutter up your bathroom.

If you definitely need a toilet paper dispenser on your caddy, then the world is your oyster!  We carry over a dozen toilet paper dispenser caddies.  They all have different features, different prices, and different styles.

Toilet Caddies and Your Bathroom Décor

Most of our toilet caddies are chrome.  Chrome looks greatand works with most colour schemes.  However, if your bathroom has a classic, antique, or Old World look, chrome accessories may not best suit the ambience.  That’s why we carry caddies with Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Wood colouration.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-Rubbed Bronze is a dark metal finish popular in European bathrooms.  It is a great neutral colour that accentuates nearby objects.  An oil-rubbed bronze toilet caddy works great with high-quality decorative floor and wall tiles.


Wood bathroom accessories are a beautiful complement to wood bathroom cabinets.  To fit any colour scheme, we offer two wood toilet caddies.  One is made of light-coloured natural finish bamboo.  The other is made of dark espresso-finish rubber wood. Both are eco-friendly, durable, and work with a variety of colour schemes.

Physical Space

Some of our toilet caddies are big and bold.  However, we know this doesn’t work for every bathroom.  Many bathrooms are very short on space, and wide caddies just aren’t going to fit.  For those bathrooms, we carry a special ultra-narrow line of high quality wire toilet caddies, the Toilet Butler and Toilet Mate.

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