Converting Your Home into a Bed & Breakfast Hot Spot

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One of the best ways to share your space and make some extra cash is to temporarily rent out your home as a B&B.

Converting Your Home into a Bed & Breakfast Hot Spot

Whether you want to rent a single room or the entire apartment, there are a few things you need to do to prep for a stranger to stay in your space. Here are some ideas on how to convert your home into a B&B hotspot!

Put Away your Valuables

When preparing your house, you should put away anything you think could be stolen or broken. Accidents happen and, as much as we’d like to trust everyone in our home, you are renting to a stranger.

If you have a closet or a designated space, leave your important belongings in there and lock the door. If not, try using a drawer in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Tidy up the Bathroom

Speaking of bathroom, this is one area that definitely needs to be cleaned and organized.

One of the best parts of a B&B is how much more like home an apartment feels than a hotel room, but it’s always nice to have an obviously sanitary bathroom.

Think about installing shampoo and conditioner dispensers in the shower or foam soap at the bathroom sink. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your apartment a more prestigious, professional feel.

Take Flattering Photos

Take the time to capture your apartment in the best light possible with some really good pictures. If you’re not much of a photographer, ask a friend who is.

Depending on how well you present your space you can attract varying amounts of people at a range of different prices. The better your place looks online, the more money you can rent it out for!

Put Yourself in their Shoes

You know that most B&B renters are traveling and looking to have a good time in your city, so put yourself in their shoes. Make them a list of the nicest bars and restaurants to check out in the neighborhood. Let them know about fun festivals happening in the city or the best places to snap some photographs. Leave a map of the transit system with busses that stop closest to your place.

Put in a bit of extra effort to make their transition into your city as smooth as possible and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits. A good review can go a long way toward helping you find new renters.

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