Creating A Cohesive Look For Your Bathroom Accessories

Posted By Better Living in Organized Bath

Your choice of bathroom accessories can have a large impact on how your bathroom looks. If you have a range of different accessories that are in differing colours or finishes, this can create a cluttered look and make your bathroom appear a bit thrown together. A cohesive bathroom, conversely, where bathroom accessories are thoughtfully put together, makes your bathroom look a lot more polished and put together while also creating a sense of flow in your bathroom. With all of this in mind, here is how to create a cohesive look for your bathroom accessories.

  • Choose A Colour Scheme For Your Bathroom First (And Choose Similarly-Coloured Accessories)
    A bathroom should always have a color scheme. This colour scheme will influence your choice of wall colour as well as the colour of your accessories. A general rule is to choose a rich colour, a neutral colour, and an accent colour. 70% of the room should be in the lightest colour, 20% should be in the second lightest colour, and 10% should be in the boldest choice of colour. A colour wheel is a great way to determine which colours look best together.In short, while every bathroom accessory certainly doesn’t need to be in the same colour, the majority of the accessories should at least be within the realm of that colour choice. That said, you can certainly have a few accessories that are in a different colour but that serve to add a pop of colour to your bathroom.
  • Choose Bathroom Accessories with a Similar Style and Materials/Finishes
    If your bathroom accessories are primarily chrome, choosing a couple of bathroom accessories that are plastic can create a less cohesive look. In general, aim to add bathroom accessories to your bathroom that have a similar style and are made of the same materials/finishes. Again, it’s certainly okay to deviate from this a couple of times in your bathroom, but overall, your choice of style and materials should be the same in order to have a sense of cohesiveness in your bathroom.
  • Purchase Your Bathroom Accessories From the Same Company
    While some companies may offer different product lines, in general, you can create a more cohesive look by purchasing the majority of your bathroom accessories from the same company. This will ensure that your accessories will all have similar colours, style, and materials.

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