Cut clutter with utterly amazing ideas for bathroom organization

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A bathroom should be a clean, calming oasis where you prepare in the morning and relax at night. Many bathrooms, however, are bursting with bottles, brushes and more. Why? We’re creatures of habit. Oftentimes, cluttered is simply the way it’s always been.

It’s time for a bathroom revolution!


Personal products and bathroom supplies can quickly take over every inch of your drawers, floors and vanities. You probably don’t even know what’s in the deep dark corners of the linen closet. So, take a few hours to purge and install some amazing organizational tools, then watch as your bathroom transforms from drab to fab before your eyes.

A good place to start is in the shower/bath space. Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash and more can quickly overtake the available shelving space. Some people even put supplies on the shower floor! Thanks to shower baskets, you can put an end to this mess.

Elegant metal shower baskets hold all your essentials so you have everything you need in one convenient place. No mess, no fuss. We recommend FineLine shower baskets, which can be installed on any surface using waterproof silicone glue — no tools necessary.

This stylish two-tier basket includes optional accessory hooks for expanded storage. That means you don’t have to use your shower seat to hold supplies anymore — you can actually sit, relax and breathe in the warm steam as the water gently trickles down your back.

Once the shower is clean, you can tackle the vanity. Is yours packed so full you can barely find what you need? If so, immediately purge everything you don’t use regularly, and then dig in with a laser-sharp eye for organizing.

Streamline drawers and countertops with FLORA vanity organizers. These stunning organizers are made of clear, durable resin with a decorative molded floral pattern. Get a variety of sizes so you can use them on the vanity top or in cabinets. Even small items like makeup, jewelry and hair accessories will now have a home, thanks to these excellent organizers.

Put the final nail in the clutter coffin by organizing your hair dryer and other styling tools. You can stop feeling crazy from chord chaos with Sur-Loc hair dryer caddies. Simply press, turn and lock for secure and damage-free installation. One caddy holds up to 15 pounds of styling tools, meaning everything you need will be easily within reach.

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