Daily Showers Help Maximize Creative Thinking

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You’re in your morning shower scrubbing away with eyes barely open. The warm water and suds help you to slowly emerge from a groggy haze — and then aha! — in an instant you have a light-bulb moment. You toiled over a problem all day yesterday while in the confines of the office, and today in your quaint shower, the answer is immediately apparent.


Why is it that we seem to do our best thinking in the shower? From remembering important dates to solving problems and more, the shower is a virtual oasis for creative thinking. No, it’s not because of the scented soap or the tickle of suds down your back. A lot of it has to do with relaxation and a sense of comfort in the shower, and there’s research to prove it.

Turns out all those hours you spend wracking your brain to figure out problems may be for naught. That’s because mindless, monotonous activities like taking a shower allow you to relax, all while stimulating and activating different parts of the brain. The answers you long for may be lurking in these other parts of the brain, which is why just when you think you’re taking a moment away from your to-do list, you’re actually doing some of your best thinking.

According to a Wired.com article, the mental state that you have in the shower and while doing other seemingly dull activities, like lying in bed or pulling weeds, is called the default-mode network. Your mind relaxes in those moments and you become more aware of your internal thoughts. Letting your mind roam in a positive, comfortable environment like a shower may be just what you need to inspire brilliance.

In conclusion, there’s no need to feel guilty about carving out time for that daily shower. Add a spa shower seat, sit back and let the warm water do it’s work. Who knows what problem you’ll solve next?

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