How To Decorate Your Powder Room For Christmas

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How To Decorate Your Powder Room For Christmas

Not only will your powder room be receiving a lot of traffic this holiday season, but you also can’t get into the holiday spirit until every room of your home is decorated for Christmas, powder room included!

  1. String Holiday Lights
    Adding holiday lights to your powder room is not only festive but also adds a lot of atmosphere to your bathroom.

    Whether you choose white lights or opt for more traditional colours, hanging holiday lights is one of the best ways to decorate your powder room for Christmas.

  2. Drape Garland Around Your Bathroom Mirror
    There is nothing more festive than garland, so draping it over your bathroom mirror is a great way to say that Christmas has officially arrived. Alternatively, you could wrap holly branches around your mirror.
  3. Add in a Few Christmas Decorations
    The next step is to add in a few Christmas decorations. One option is to fill a clear vase with Christmas balls, but you could also add any number of homemade or store-bought Christmas decorations to complete your powder room Christmas decor.
  4. Bring the Great Outdoors Inside
    If you prefer decorations that are more on the natural side, you can make your own floral arrangement from various pines, pine cones, holly, or so on.

    This arrangement looks great on your bathroom counter and is holiday-inspired enough to be your only Christmas decoration if you wanted it to be.

  5. Opt for Holiday Themed Hand/Bath Towels
    You can make your powder room look instantly more festive by changing your regular hand and decorative bath towels to more holiday-inspired ones. If you have a towel rack in your bathroom, you can also alternate between red and white towels.

    If you really want to get into the holiday spirit, you can even change your shower curtain and/or bath mat. But, if you prefer a more understated holiday look, simply changing your hand and bath towels will definitely allow you and your guests to get into the Christmas spirit.

    If you really wanted to take your decor to the next level, it’s not unheard of for people to add a Christmas-themed toilet cover!

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