Decorating On A Budget: Weekend Painting

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In the bathroom, paint is not just for walls. Paint can banish ugly, outdated colors and gross stains into the history books at a fraction of the cost of a full remodeling job.

Shower tile
Before you reach for the tub and tile paint at your favorite home improvement center, consider your goals. If you’re after a simple face lift a few years before you move in for the full remodel, a DIY job may suffice. Otherwise, a professional paint job on old tile will look much more convincing and polished.

Before you paint, go over the entire surface with a sander, wire brush or abrasive scrub pad. That’s because paint adheres much more readily to a rougher surface than one that is tile smooth.

Floor tile
If the ceramic squares are in good condition — free of cracks and major gouges — a simple paint job can spare you the painful process of chiseling out the old and installing new squares.

For paint selection, opt for a porch or deck paint so it can hold up well to the moist conditions. Before applying the paint, give your tile floor a good cleaning. Go over the entire surface with a sander. Then, be sure and repair any broken grout. Finally, before you paint, give the entire floor a good cleaning. After drying, don’t wear shoes in this room for a few days, so the paint gets a chance to cure.

The secret to remodeling is you don’t necessarily have to rip out the old vanity. As long as it’s in good condition, you can bring it down to its basic form: A rectangle that holds cabinetry, a counter and a sink. The rest is just a matter of editing the details, like a fresh coat of paint, adding or replacing molding and replacing the drawer and door pulls. Don’t forget, paint can also renew tired old laminate countertops. With a new sink or even just a new faucet, the entire unit will look brand new for very little money.

When you’re done, brighten the space with a few well-chosen, brand-new bath accessories. The eye-catching chrome of the CLARA Foaming Soap Dispenser from Better Living is just the thing to enliven the space.

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