Design by decade: How to give a dated bathroom modern style

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Before-and-After-with-linkGreen tile, floral wallpaper, shag carpet, oversized brass fixtures – all these features were popular of bathroom designs in different decades. Is your bathroom suffering from an identity crisis tied to one of these decades?

1960s: Geometric patterns were popular along with rich velvet fabrics. Hot bathroom colors of the 60s included psychedelic tones like pea green, rust orange, neon pink and ruby red. Pink and blue toilets, tubs and sinks were regularly installed.

1970s: Typical 70s style was anything but subdued. Big bold wallpaper patterns were complemented by wood paneling and chained light fixtures. Brass was the metal of choice, accenting hardware, fixtures, mirrors and more.

1980s: Tiles and bold floral prints ruled the bathroom scene in the 80s. Chintz fabric shower curtains were a must-have, as was vinyl flooring. Teal and salmon tones dominated color schemes and lucite was everywhere.

1990s: Complex floral patterns, oversized brass hardware, and wall-to-wall mirrors were big in the 90s. Wallpaper boarders highlighted walls and dark colored carpet was installed on floors. Ruffles and overstuffed valances were considered beautiful.

If your bathroom is stuck in a past era, there’s no need to worry. Here are three simple and affordable ways to breathe new life into a dated bathroom without committing to a complete remodel:


1. Update the walls – Strip the wallpaper or paint the tile, and make sure the updated walls reflect a modern color palette. Gray tones are big for bathrooms today, as are light-reflecting colors like bone and ivory that produce the visual illusion of expanded space.

2. Get new hardware – It won’t cost as much as a new vanity, and new hardware can make a dated focal point look more modern instantly. Hot metals include chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickle. Finish with smartly designed accessories in similar metals, like chrome towel stands and toilet caddies.

3. Upgrade the necessities – A new shower curtain and fresh towels that complement the new wall color will give the space a dramatic facelift. Solid colors and stripes are timeless. Don’t forget to update the rugs in your bathroom to finish the refreshed space.

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  • Derick McCain says:

    I personally like the old bathroom look. I really dislike gentrification.

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