Design lessons from hotel bathrooms

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If you’re thinking about upgrading your bathroom this year, take a page from the hotel bathroom design handbook for your new style. Chic, polished and refined, these spaces are known for drawing people in with their upscale charm. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to create the look of an expensive bathroom of your own. Here are two ways you can easily and affordably bring some of the luxury and style of hotel bathrooms into your home’s bathroom design.

Keep it clean

One thing hotel bathrooms are not is dirty. From a carefully maintained vanity to a wiped-down mirror with a clear reflection, there are plenty of ways to ensure your space continues to look great. An easy solution to keeping your shower door, walls and mirror clean is to invest in a Luxury Shower Squeegee. Simply rinse, wipe and repeat!

Streamline storage

Elegant bathroom designs are also not jumbled and chaotic. One way to keep your space looking luxuriously tidy is by having discrete, stylish storage. Try it yourself by adding a ROLLO Toilet Tissue Reserve to your space. Compact and sturdy, this caddy allows you to keep your tissue in order and gives it an elegant upgrade at the same time.

Bring in the convenience

Forget the look of messy bottles in the shower and instead mount a 3 Chamber Shower Dispenser to organize your daily liquids. Dispensing your favorite liquids at the press of a button is not only neat and convenient, it also saves you time and money by precisely dispensing the exact amount you need and not pouring it down the drain.

A wall mount magnifying mirror will also add a touch of elegance and convenience to your bathroom. Get up close and personal when getting ready for work in the morning or primping for a night out on the town. The Valet 8″ Magnifying Mirror will help in your daily makeup and grooming routines.

An extravagant bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Your hotel bathroom design is well within reach with simple tips like these.

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