Designing A Minimalist Bathroom

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Not everyone needs a large and elaborately designed bathroom. Sometimes you just want to keep things simple (but with a touch of elegance). Designing a minimalist bathroom does involve a slightly different approach from designing a large and elaborate one-especially if you do not have a lot of space to work with. When your bathroom has a minimalist look the items that are there stand out much more. Here are some techniques you can employ when building a simple bathroom, as well as keeping it that way once it is fully functional and ready for use.
Minimalist Bathrooms

Use Essential Materials
When designing your bathroom, stick to materials that are aesthetically pleasing: stone, steel, ceramic, glass, wood and plaster. These materials are also smooth on the skin.

A Touch of Art
In a minimalist bathroom, art is not as important as functionality. That said, a little bit of artwork can only complement your bathroom. It could be a simple picture or design painted into the walls. In addition you can use ornaments like a simple vase, plants or flowers.

Use Common Colours
Stick to colours that are neutral: black, white, cream, earth, or grey. These are all colours that speak of simplicity and elegance without shouting too loudly at the beholder.

Stick to Essential Furniture
Functionality is the key here. You just want to keep to your basic bathroom furniture like cabinets, shower, bar pulls and maybe some hooks on the door.

If you already have a bathroom that fits a minimalist design, you will want to do certain things to keep your minimalist bathroom true to its name.

Keep non-essential contents out of your bathroom
It may not seem like much but you will be amazed at how things can pile up pretty fast. If you have empty bottles or products you know longer use (or are expired) then you will want to throw them out. You might have some emotional connection items that fool you into thinking they are essential. Here is a tip. If you don’t use it at least once a day, then it should not be in your bathroom.

Keep surfaces clean and clear
The key to having a minimalist look is having as few items as possible on the surface. You also want to ensure that it is kept clean. Store your items in the cabinets rather than on the counter top which should be reserved for temporary storage while the bathroom is in use.

It’s not that complicated when designing and maintaining a minimalist bathroom, but you might still need some professional guidance or at least the materials to start building. Our team can certainly help with that, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you get that perfect design for your bathroom needs.

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