Don’t be fooled by cheap shower poles that rust! Get the Ulti-mate Shower Pole

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Shower_Pole_White_proppedYou’ve been there before—your bathroom looks great and almost everything is completely organized. The only problem is your shower pole has rusted leaving your bathroom looking outdated and unclean. Not to mention, your shower items are stacked around the edge of your bathtub! The thing about rust is that it doesn’t go away and no amount of cleaning will make it look better. Once your shower pole begins rusting it is only a matter of time before that small rust spot takes over the entire shower pole! As far as your shampoo and soap containers, there has to be a better way to store your products. You can avoid this unnecessary inconvenience by purchasing the Ulti-mate Shower Pole.

The Ulti-mate Shower Pole is the simple answer to rust, durability, and simple assembly. Everything about the Ulti-mate is designed to make life easier for you. You will never have to worry about the risk of rust or not having enough storage space.  The usability of this product is second to none. It is perfect for housing all of your shower items in its convenient four fully adjustable shelves. Now even your larger items have a place to be stored!

Stagnant water not only looks bad, but can smell awful! The shelving unit attached to the Ulti-mate Shower Pole also comes with the self-draining feature which makes sure that the shelves will never become flooded with shower water. The shelving is made from water-resistant ABS plastic. This ensures that that shelving is definitely strong enough to endure the element of the shower.

As mentioned, the Ulti-mate Shower Pole is 100% rust proof. You will never have to worry about the unsightly rust that so many other shower poles have. The pole extends up to 98” for a convenient floor to ceiling installation. Not only is the Ulti-mate sure to look great longer, but its design is equipped to allow easy installation in any amount of space.

The colour options for an Utli-mate Shower pole are satin sliver and white. You can incorporate your Ulit-mate Shower Pole with the rest of your bathroom in a style-conscious way. Not only can your Utli-mate Shower Pole offer organization, but also be a great asset to the overall look of your bathroom. There is nothing that this product doesn’t do better than the rest!

Another great thing about the Ulti-mate Shower Pole is that the assembly is as easy as 1-2-3. There are absolutely no tools required and you will be enjoying the convenience this product has to offer without the hassle of assembly like so many other shower poles out there.

The Ulti-mate Shower Pole is a terrific addition to any bathroom. It is durable and resilient while also being a practical storage device for your shower. Finally, there is a product that is durable and a great organizational tool. You can’t go wrong with purchasing the Ulti-mate Shower Pole!

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  • Zulema Marchand says:

    The Ulti-Mate Shower Pole is awesome! I have more than enough room for all of my bath accessories and best of all I know I won’t have to buy another one ever again. Thanks for the great product.

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