Don’t Just Renovate Your Bathroom, Renovate Your Accessories!

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STORitStainless Steel Shower BasketsA lot of people spend tens of thousands of dollars renovating their bathrooms, but don’t spend the hundred bucks or so to upgrade their accessories as well. The result is a professional, beautiful, modern bathroom with decades-old shower caddies and towel racks. Aging,peeling, grimy accessories can destroy the whole effect of a brand new bathroom.

Don’t fall into this trap! There are a lot of ways that new bathroom accessories can work into your reno.

Shower Dispensers

Shower dispensers are great additions to a modern shower. They are easy and fun to use in the shower. Even better, they save you money in the long run because you can buy shower liquids in bulk. Product lines such as Wave shower liquids offer high quality shower liquids in bulk that are guaranteed to work in Better Living dispensers.

Hair Dryer Caddies

Hair dryer caddies make a place for your hair dryer. No more cluttering up your counter space! This is a little accessory that makes a big difference. Having your hair dryer in a caddy instead of on the counter goes a long way to making a newly renovated bathroom looked planned and professional.

Other Installations

If it’s a bathroom product, there is a caddy for it. During your renovation, you may also consider installing a shower caddy or toilet caddy. Better Living makes installation and assembly easy for these types of products without the use of tools!

Post-Reno Accessorizing

If you have already completed your renovations, don’t despair! All Better Living shower dispensers and bathroom accessories can easily be added post-reno. For improved convenience, add a towel caddy. Corner baskets and shower caddies are great organization solutions, and most models attach via suction or water proof silicone – no need for drilling!

For a professional-looking easy installation, try a Sure-Loc hair dryer caddy. Sure-Loc products use powerful suction cups to latch on to any surface. Sure-Loc products have the convenience of conventional bathroom suction accessories, but the strength and appearance of drill-installed products.

Color Choice

Most bathroom accessories come in one of three colours: white, transparent, and chrome steel. Each works with different renocolour schemes.

White accessories are often thought to only go with white bathrooms. However, that is not true at all! White accessories go great with any bright or pastel colour palette. They help to break up blocks of colour, providing a break for the eyes as well as a contrast for the colour.

Transparent accessories, like the Crystal Clear Squeegee, go best with other transparent room features, like shower doors or room dividers.

Chrome steel is often the best choice for an accessory in a new reno. Chrome is a colour that goes with anything. For white colour palettes, it adds interest and visual dazzle. For wooden cabinets or earthy tones, it adds light and contrast. Polished chrome also adds a fantastic “clean” look that is very impressive and attractive to potential guests.

New accessories should be considered an integral part of any bathroom renovation. You might be surprised how much new life a new accessory can breathe into your bathroom!

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