Enhancing your Bathroom with Creative Tiling

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While accessorizing your bathroom is the best way to upgrade its appearance in an instant, homeowners with older washrooms often find themselves in need of a more drastic change.

Creative Tiling For Bathrooms

Not surprisingly, tile is one of the best ways to make your bathroom standout. Putting in colorful backsplashes around your mirror or creating unique designs for your bathtub are both excellent ways to enhance the impact your bathroom will have.

Detail, Detail, Detail

Tiling can attract your guests’ eyes very quickly when it fills an entire wall, but a small, well detailed section can be just as impactful.

Putting up clean lines of tile that synch up well with the rest of the bathroom will create a soothing effect for people that enjoy order. Subtle additions to the bathroom, such as accentuating mirrors and cabinets, can make them pop out visually.

There is also the decision of creating intricate mosaics or patterns through the tile, which is a great option for those looking to keep the rest of the room’s décor more subtle. These segments won’t have to be as large as other tile options thanks to their intricate detail, but will still make a strong impact on the overall look of the room!

Make it Shine

It may seem odd to have a reflective wall when you already own a mirror, but the industrial chic look you’ll achieve by using metal as a backsplash will give your bathroom an atmosphere that mirrors alone couldn’t achieve.

But aside from the visual aspects of it, having this kind of surface is nice because of its sturdy nature and ease of cleaning, and its ability to compliment any metal faucets or towel racks that are in the room.

Utilize Colour

Colour is important for any room. Darker hues tend to make everything seem cozier and close together, while light colours open up the space. The same can be said for tile and its ability to change the room’s size.

While it is common to pick neutral colours for tile (as this is often a permanent decision and nothing is wrong with white), having dramatic colours like deep blue or bright red can add a shock to the room to liven it up. Whether it’s an entire wall or just a small section, a splash of color will have a profound effect.

Diversity is King

Large tile. Small tile. Square tile. Triangle tile. Each one of these tiles can be mashed together into a stunning menagerie of shapes and sizes.

You can install large tiles above smaller ones to create a strong contrast between the two, or you can go further with this idea by making one set a certain shape, like diamonds or squares, then comprise the other set with a different one. This kind of process will take careful planning, but to see each group of tiles match up and flow together will make all the work worth it.

More for the Floor

Just because you walk on it every time you enter the bathroom doesn’t mean the floor can’t look as nice as the walls. There are many options to pick from in both tile choice and design.

Travertine tiles tend have a rougher texture which gives them a degree of slip resistance, or you can go for a more classic look and use marble for your floor, letting its own natural look do the detail work for you.

However you decide to upgrade the look of your tile, it will be sure to act as a great investment in your home. Bathrooms and kitchens make the biggest impact on a house’s resale value, so these changes don’t just benefit you in the short term; they’ll have an ongoing positive impact for your property investment!

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