Essential Features For Your Updated, Easy-Clean Bathroom

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Hate scrubbing the bathroom? If you’re planning a bathroom update, this is your chance to embrace a more contemporary bathroom design, while also making things easier to clean and maintain. Think sleek, functional and simple, and you’ll have your basic idea.
These are a few easy-clean bathroom features worthy of consideration.

A streamlined toilet that’s mounted to the wall, or just comes in one sleek, solid piece eliminates the many curves and crevices that come with traditional tank and bowl models. Alternatively, if you can afford a smart toilet, many models come with sensor-activated bowl misters and automated flushing, keeping things cleaner for much longer.

Larger tile is a hot bathroom trend that also leaves you with far fewer lines of grout to clean. As they say, less is more. But along with that, large tile gives your bath and shower a modern look and makes the space feel bigger. Darker shades of grout for floors and showers can camouflage the appearance of dirt and mold.

Sensor-activated faucets installed in your sink will stay clean and shiny for much longer.

A frameless shower can make cleanup a snap, because traditional corners and brackets attract plenty of grime and scum. For shower doors, opt for pre-treated glass designed to repel dirt, grime and water scaling.

Updating your shower fan is an inexpensive way to keep mold and cracked paint jobs from making an unwanted appearance in your newly renovated bathroom. Look for whisper-quiet models with sensors that activate the fan when humidity is detected.

Floating vanities and shelves make floor cleanup even easier, because you’ll eliminate those additional corners and crevices that need cleaning from time to time.

Having the right tools in your bathroom keeps things organized and saves time and effort on cleaning days. Better Living’s TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser conveniently stores hand soap, reducing messy finger prints, which results in an easier clean.

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