Essential Items For Creating A Nautically Themed Bathroom

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Nautically Themed BathroomIf your bathroom is boring, and you want to update your décor without repainting or retiling, why not consider a nautical theme? Evoke the fresh air and bright sunshine of the life on the open waves with just a few well-chosen accessories.

Here are a few decorating ideas to consider.


When you think of the sea, you probably think of blue. Shades of blue and yellow are great for a nautical theme, evoking endless sea, cloudless sky, and bright sails. Add small amounts of red, too, for impact. This theme works very well if you have white bathroom fixtures.

Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, consider your bathroom’s size. Small rooms can easily feel crowded with a lot of contrasting colours. Choose your favorite blue, perhaps, and stick to yellow or red accents.

Shower curtain

Your shower curtain is probably the biggest item in your bathroom, and it holds your décor together. Depending on how nautical you want to be, you can have an elaborate boat scene on your shower curtain. White or transparent shower curtains with a few classic nautical shapes like anchors, or sailboats, look good for the modern bathroom.

If you want something plainer, a white shower curtain with just a few blue or red stripes is effective. If you choose stripes, stick to the same pattern for your towels.


As with the shower curtain, picking out your theme with towels is a quick way to update your décor. Don’t forget the bathmat, too. For small bathrooms, consider bright white towels with a single navy blue or red stripe. A navy blue or red facecloth might be all the colour you need to bring the theme together.

Wall décor

You don’t have to change the colour of your walls to create a new theme. For the nautical bathroom, you could hang wooden or ceramic sailboats, anchors, or even brightly coloured fish.

If you prefer a more subdued colour scheme, stick to pale blue and grey for your hanging accessories. You could add a red accent colour with some red wooden frames, but keep them to a minimum.


Jars and other organizing accessories can complement your theme. Plain white ceramic or glass bowls containing attractive round smooth beach stones, shells, or sand dollars is a great way to bring the seaside home.

If you have plain white accessories, why not add some themed colour with blue and red toothbrushes? Coloured soap, too, adds to the theme without overpowering your bathroom.


Consider scent as décor. Scented soaps, oils, and candles can evoke the ocean.

Don’t forget: think of sea and sunshine when you’re choosing your bathroom accessories. After all, you won’t want to base your nautical theme on a stormy day!

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