Expert Tips for Making Drastic Bathroom Improvements on a Small Budget

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A bathroom remodel can be an expensive proposition, but it doesn’t have to be.

Bathroom Improvements

Many homeowners are now finding they can make significant changes to their bathroom space without having to spend their entire budget for the month. Within this article, we’re sharing our small budget decorating insights and tips for making drastic bathroom improvements on a small budget!

Choose Tiled Countertops

While many homeowners are now choosing stone slabs for countertop spaces within their bathroom, this material can be quite expensive.

To minimize costs and maintain the highest level of appeal within the room, why not consider the addition of tiled countertops? A leading advantage of tiled countertops is that they can help resist water staining and would cost far less to buy and install than stone slabs.

Paint the Flooring

Flooring is usually one of the first elements within the bathroom space to show signs of aging. To minimize the fading appeal of their bathroom space, and to add a splash of colour, homeowners might consider painting their bathroom flooring.

Painting using brighter tones such as deep reds and lighter yellows can give the bathroom space a modern and yet refined appeal.

Integrate a Metal Tub Surround

To bring rustic style to the bathroom space, homeowners might consider adding a metal surround to their bath tub. Corrugated, galvanized steel offers the requisite combination of stylish appeal and rustproof durability. It’s a leading option for those looking to accent an older bathtub.

Dress Up Mirrors with Paneling

Mirror areas within the bathroom space are often the focal point of the room. Homeowners can bring attention to the space by using paneling to frame the mirrors. Salvage yards and garage sales can be a great sources of cost-effective wood for this type of project!

Install Hanging Lighting Fixtures

They’re present in the finest bathroom designs. Hanging lighting fixtures can provide that ideal sense of style within the bathroom space. It’s important, when considering lighting fixtures, to analyze the available space and to select products that have been designed to disperse soft light across the room.

By working with the leading designers and décor product experts, homeowners can find the ideal products for use within their bathroom renovations. Visit www.betterlivingproducts.ca to view our range of shower dispensers and other bath organizers that will improve the design and function of your bathroom on any budget!

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