Find Out Where The Hidden Germs Are Lurking In Your Bathroom

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It’s time to have a talk about your bathroom. It may look clean and feel clean, but really, it’s dirtier than you think. Most people don’t think to clean these things in the bathroom, creating an ideal environment for germs and bacteria.

Toothbrush holder: This accessory may appear spotless, but it’s probably harboring germs that land from those twice-daily toothbrushings.

Cleanup solution: During your weekly bathroom cleaning, remove the toothbrushes and place in the dishwasher for a cycle.

Toilet: Every time you flush, the entire bathroom is blanketed in germs. Flushing sends a cloud of small water particles into the air, which is called a toilet plume. As it lands on the many surfaces, it may contain fecal bacterial and other harmful organisms. Yuck!

Cleanup solution: Use an automatic bowl cleaner that disinfects and flush with the lid closed. Just to be safe, keep the family’s toothbrushes covered or put away.

Showerhead: Your showerhead collects film and mineral deposits. It may also be collecting Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen linked to a pulmonary disease that mainly infects individuals with weak or compromised immune systems.

Solution: Keep that showerhead clean as a whistle. Pour white vinegar into a plastic shopping bag and tie it around the shower nozzle, so it can soak overnight and get clean.

Toilet bowl brush: The tool that scrubs the toilet bowl is definitely unclean, especially because of the many bristles trapping in dirt and germs. You would typically just put the bristle brush back into it’s holder, dripping wet, so more bacteria can fester, grow and prosper in a moist, enclosed environment. Yuck!

Solution: Toss the brush and replace it with a quick-drying alternative that doesn’t drip. The LOOEEGEE Hygienic Toilet Squeegee has 30 MICRO SQUEEGEE blades made of SILICONE, letting you swipe your bowl clean, without the scrubbing and, even better, without the germy mess.

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