For a Bold Statement, Render Your Bathroom in Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles

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If remodeling the bathroom is on your agenda, how’s this for going bold: Take the tiling to the limit and cover the entire wall, from floor to ceiling. Monochromatic walls and floors make a big impression, which makes their on-trend status completely unsurprising. At the same time, tiles are also durable. With good care and maintenance, this luxurious look can hold up for the next decade or two, keeping your enclave looking shiny and new.

Tiling Solutions You Can Try

If floor to ceiling on all four walls sounds a bit overwhelming, there are ways to adjust the trend so it suits your home and your tastes.
In your home, that could mean singling out one wall — the one the eye rests on as soon as someone enters the room. Or you can make a statement with a narrower band of floor-to-ceiling tiling located, say, right behind a sink. Either of these can create a dramatic and focus-pulling effect, especially in a small powder room.
In larger bathrooms, tiling a limited area, especially a walk-in-shower, will make that space feel defined and functional.

Ideas to make a splash with floor-to-ceiling tiling
* Blue Tiling is a fun way to evoke fun memories at the pool or beach. Try deep blue cobalt, or a series of smaller squares rendered in softer colors like baby blue or aquamarine.
* Hexagon-shaped Tiles provide a timeless look that also gives the room a pleasing texture. Plus they let you avoid those hard angles and stark lines of horizontal and vertical grout.
* Geometric Shapes rendered in black and white could be used to add a statement wall to your room, while keeping the overall look chic and classic.
* Dark Hues are very on-trend, but when rendered in paint or wallpaper, they tend to suck up the light. Opt for the glossy sheen of tile and you can avoid this.
* Large rectangular marble slabs always make a large room feel sleek and luxurious.

Whatever color or pattern you choose, you’ll want to keep that tile in excellent condition. With the Linea Luxury Shower Squeegee on hand, you’ll have an easy solution to clear away moisture after every shower, keeping your beautiful tiles free of water spots and mold.

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